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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bewtielot and Katievewe's Biwfday Celebwation day two

Yestewday the pawty  lasted well into the night wif Lady Puddles swinging fwom the chandeliew to the amazement of Katievewe and hew ladies in waiting and hew kitteh -sissie queen Wuby

I don't know why they wewe suwpwised, This is the nowm fow Puddles at some point at evewy pawty, hehehehe
speaking of nottiness,ummm
Lady Lacie was twying hew best to entice mowe than one Knight into hew bedchambew

while  Siw Doyle and Siw Phantom Wewe in the mood fow a Dwinking song
something fwom Phantom of the Opewa pawhaps?
photo by Doyle and Mollie
well you get the idea how the night ended wif evewyone finally passed out in theiw wooms ow on the table, heheehhe

eawly next mowning ouw late awwivals finally made it. Siw Monty and Lady Molly shawing a howse wif Siw Taffy(Siw Taffy's howse had to be left at the last village to have his shoe wepaiwed..at least that was theiw explanation fow theiw lateness)
Siw Wilf of Fwance cwossed the channel to take pawt in today's touwnament and delivew Biwfday wishes fwom the couwt of Fwance

As I walked in the fwesh mowning aiw I spotted Lady Mollie who looked like hew heawt was Thundewing fow hew handsome knight
photo by Doyle and Mollie
 and Looking past the twees I saw (gulp) Some lovews in embwace.
.(these youngstews cewtainly gwow up fast these days) 
I wondew whewe Siw Ewic is? I thought he was supposed to be instwucting young Bewtielot, hmmmmmmm
Photo by Lacie
When Lady Mollie saw them, she thought that pawhaps it was something in LadyLacie's special dwink that she had tasted fwom hew hown that caused hew to Hal Oo cinate

photo by Doyle and Mollie
 It must be in the watew because showtly theweaftew I saw Siw Doyle wooing the Bootiful Lady Ciawa

photo by Doyle and Mollie

Lady Mayzie,Lady Sally Ann and Lady Fewgie wewe shawing secwets in the gwove

 Siw Bewtielot mounted his howse and blew kisses to Katievewe

I saw hew begging him to be caweful just a moment befowe
The knights stawted to gathew fow the Jousting competition
Siw Bocci and Siw Butchy seem quite eagew
but Siw Fwankie,Siw Phantom,Siw Ewic and Siw Gustav awe a mowe non shalont gwoup
(it's just a game they said. Thewe awe pwotective tips on theiw lances, no one will get huwt)

and so the games begin

The excitement is palpable as the knights clash
ow awe they just discussing when to go taste the woast that is on the fiwe while they wide?
Today, Mistwess Khywa and hew twusty cooks awe enjoying the fwesh aiw along wif the west of us


We will all be pick nicking in the gwass on this most bootiful day

that is if we suwvive Bewtie-lot's "little " hike!!!!!!

so waise youw tankawds ow howns and dwink up....... the celebwation continoos
smoochie kisses
youw humble sewvant


Cassie said...

Oooo Lady Asta, this looked like one wing-ding of a party! I have no doubt that LacieGirl spiked the punch with some magic formula. Looks like it made everyone a bit looser too. Bol.
BabyRocketDog and Hootie

Angus said...

What wild festvities ! And the weekends barely started .

WFT Nobby said...

Now sweet Katie, don't you go worrying you pretty little head about the joust. All that stuff about recklessness on my blog, really, it's just Gail exaggerating!

And Lady Asta (please, no need to curtsey), this hike, well of course I do love to go exploring places, and this Camelot area looks so wonderful. And all the guests seem to be most well behaved and sensible, do you not think? And I do so appreciate all that you have done so far. So, yes, let's give it a go! Surely no-one could come to any harm on those towering cliffs and steep precipices.

Toodle pip!
Bertie-lot (always an optimist..)

Dexter said...

My goodness. Love is in the aire. Such a romantic adventure.


Elaine Pritchard said...

That was suxh an exciting adventure.

I loved it so much.

That party looks like it took a lot of organising.

Well done xxx

AFSocksScylla said...

Sir Doyle, had best stay away from my Sweet Ciara if he knows what is good for him.

Nice legs Phantom. ~Fenris

AFSocksScylla said...

Lacie, do you have a potion so Ciara will love me and only me and to keep Sir what's his name away from her. ~Fenris

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Such an amazing place! (The scribe must be working nonstop!)
We are having a great time. And no, Bentley George, you are not really a Lord and do NOT get to drink anymore of the hard stuff...
I am trying to keep him in line Lady Asta and apologize to any guests he may have stepped or fallen on!
I have lost Scooter and must find him now...
All this romance and I have to look after a wee little brother and a big galut of a brother!

♥ Sallie said...

Sorry we are late!

Alien's time travel machine went on the fritz and instead of camelot we wound up in 2094. And instead of knights, Alien had to fight killer robots!


My wimple is all askew.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Oh yes, this was quite the fun party. The Momster is wondering if Phantom did a bit too much dancing as he seems to have a bad leg here now. Sir Thunder and Lady (???) Ciara are hoping that Kat and Kodiak don't see how much fun they were having. But we all agree here that it is OK for these young pups to have more than one sweetie, right?

Awesome fun party for Bertie and Katie - Happy Birthday again!!!

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Alien said...

Now to joust!

Steady, my friend...

Hmm. I seem to be having trouble mounting my horse.

Alien said...

I wonder if stepladders were invented yet.

Alien said...

Perhaps there is a shetland pony or some other conveyance?

Gus said...

Asta: This is truly a wonderful pawty! How did you ever secure all of Central Pawk for the venooo?

gotta go joust!


AFSocksScylla said...

I thinks Ciara has another boyfriend. Who is this Kodiak of whom she speaks?

My heart is breaking. Asta dear, do you have a drink to cure a broken heart. ~Fenris

Asta said...

Sweet SiwFenwis
I will have LadyLacy whip up a potion to mend youw bwoken heawt..Why , I'm suwe Ciawas has woom fow you in hews..As fow you and only you, well..you'll have to talk to Lacie


Asta said...

Lady Sallie, I'm so vewy happy you finally awwived. did you see Puddles anywhewe? I'm suwe she would want to be inclooded in the hike

Asta said...


I am having the gwoom look fow a miniatoowe pony as we speak

Asta said...

Deewest Bewtie-lot
I hope you had a heawty bweakfast to get you thwoo this vewy physically active day

mind youw head
whew was that siw Bentley Geowge ?

Siw Bentley, those poles awe not fow twiwling..you could take someone's head offf

Oh Sunny!!!!!!

Has anyone seen Lady Lacie???ow is she still in hew bedchambew?

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Dearest Fenris,

Mom says I have been in a relationship with Kodiak for a while now, but she adds that I am still young enough to have a few beaus, especially if they are from different countries and different breeds, just like Khyra. And as Asta says, yes, there is room in my heart for you.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

The Daily Pip said...

Sorry I am late had another party (in a different time period last night). Do they eat cheeseburgers in Camelot? I just happen to have a cooler of good old-fashioned burgers ready for the grill (or fire).

Your pal, Pip

The Daily Pip said...

Phantom of the Opera, bawhahaha!

Asta said...

Bwing on those buwgews Siw Pip
Jousting makes evewyone wavenoos

The Daily Pip said...

OK, my world famous burgers are coming up. I will also take some of that yummy chicken from last night. I am not much of a jouster, but I will cheer everyone on. Now where is Puddles.

♥ Sallie said...

These tankards are kind of hard to hold.

Asta said...

Last i saw, Puddles was swinging fwom the chandeliew in the Gweat hall

Sallie. Hold the tankawd in bof paws. It's easiew

Alien is the pony to youw liking?

Siw Pip. You make a vewy dashing knight

AFSocksScylla said...

Ciara, I am so glad you have room in your heart for me.

Would you like to join me for lunch? I seem to have missed breakfast and am famished.

This seems like a very nice spot for a picnic by the river. Camelot is such a beautiful place. ~Fenris

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Lady Asta, having Phantom pawform the Opera.. is so in keeping with your Cabinet Pawsition!! It was a wonderful pawformance indeed.

I am having a truly wonderful time helping to celebrate the Big Birfdays...
Sincerely, Sir Franksnbeans

AFSocksScylla said...

Lacie & Asta, do you have anymore of this potion it sure is tasty and my heart has mended very nicely.

The Daily Pip said...

This armor is hard to walk in - can't quite make my legs work, uh oh, I think I am stuck ...

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh my....Lady Lacie smothers a yawn as she finally descends from her chambers...(um, that seems plural)...

Khyra? Khyra??? Where is that wench??? What? Roasted chicken for breakfast??? As if...

I'd like two soft boiled eggs, please, a piece of whole wheat toast, a Hot Carob with Sweetened Schlag and marshmallows, and a Coke Zero. In that order. No meat except for a small slice of bacon. A four pound piece should suffice.

Now, let's see...after my light breakfast, I plan to hike with Bertie...always so informative...are the paths appropriate for Wheeled Ones...Winston insists on coming...he's such a dear.

And I do have a lovely batch of shaken not stirred Smoothies...and no they are not smoked flavored...yeesch...I thought a delicate Mango would be pleasant after our night last evening.

What? These are supposed to be THREE MINUTE EGGS not SIXTEEN. Please have Khyra come out from the kitchen to see me.


Lady Lacie

Oh...is the orange juic freshly squeezed???

Asta said...

Siw pip, I did notice that you wewe walking in a most stifflegged fashion

I suggest taking it off and wawing tights instead

Asta said...

Stop being so demanding Khywa has hew
paws full wif all the woasting fow the aftewnoon
You should have gotten up eawliew if you wanted bweakfast
just pick a fwuit off a twee and eat it

The Daily Pip said...

Oh yes, tights are much more comfortable. Now, I can just sit back and feast on chicken and burgers and enjoy some vino.

Asta said...

Siw Pip
You suwe have nice legs, hmmmmmm

Do you have enuff to eat and dwink???
Hope Puddles show up, I had special cheeto sauce made fow hew woasted boaw

Wyatt said...

Oh the costumes, the pageantry, the dogs! This should be made into a movie!!


Asta said...

I suwe hope evewyone is enjoying themselves
the aiw seems fweshew not so close to the howsies
don't they have poop laws in Camelot?

TwoSpecialWires said...

Asta! You know I'm a worrier! The last time I saw Jake was from the castle steps! And I can't find Lady Sally OR Queen Ruby!!! (I hope Sally likes kitties ... Jake will have a REALLY hard time splitting his time, otherwise) I'm sure they're fine ... probably far from the joust and instead somewhere near the food. Speaking of which ... I smell roasted chicken. I'd better run!

Lady (blush) Fergi

♥ Sallie said...

This meat on a stick is yummy!

Jake of Florida said...

We've heard that the reason perfume was invented in France was because they didn't have poop laws. What went on under the stairs at Versailles was qite shocking. So we imagine it's the same here in Camelot.

One question (not for us pawsonally but for our Mom) -- has anyone seen Richard Burton??????

Er, and we're having the same problem as young Bertielot -- all the more because I, Sir Jake do occasionally like to do a simulated squat. Not so easy in this get-up. Cloth breeches may be in order.

Sir Jake and Sir Just Harry

Alien said...

Beware of little, green men on miniature horses!

Take that, Sir Knight!

And that!

♥ Sallie said...

Oh, Green Knight. Take this favor and win for me!

Tee hee.

Asta said...

Lady Fewgie
do not fwet
I saw Siw Jake safe and sound wif a bootiful lady in the gwove and Queen Wuby is snoozing in the sun

Lady Sallie, so glad you like the Meet sticks, hehehe

I think that mystewious gween knight on the tiny howse is weawing youw colows

Siw Jake and JH, Wichawd Buwton???
what bweed is he?

Asta said...

I think it's almost time fow Bewtie-lots little hike

The Daily Pip said...

yum,meat on a stick.You can eat the meat and then play with the stick - GENIUS!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Eat fruit off a tree??? How common.

Where are the banana bushes???

We've been hiking for hours and I haven't found one piece of fruit without worms. Does anydog know why Bertie keeps falling over??? I mean he looks like he's checking the earth for new flora and fauna and 'shooms and stuff, but he keeps um listing.

And Jake and Just Harry seem to need a change of breeches. They're a bit damp.

What time are naps today???

And lunch? Did Khyra pack us nosebags???

Just wonderin'....

Lacie Lady

WFT Nobby said...

Now Lady Asta, you have told them all to be sensible on the hike? Haven't you?

Er, I'm not sure those shoes Lacie is wearing are entirely suitable.

No no no Katie, don't you worry, I can carry you if need be. I may only weigh 15 lb (or double that with the armour) but I am ever so strong!

Please tell Archie and Jake that we won't be needing that barrel of mead. Drinking from the streams will be quite sufficient!

♥ Sallie said...

Alien is using one of those meat sticks as a lance.

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Oh boy, I am comming. I am comming. What a grand time.
Sally Ann

Pepsi the Lazy Bum said...

I can't believe I'm late fur the pawty. It's already Sunday here in Singapore, A got wasted on Friday night and slept the whole Saturday night away, BOL.

Is the pawty still going on?


Pepsi the Lazy Bum said...

I'm there at the pawty even if I don't comment, okay? Hehehe.

Okay, I can play all sorts of instruments, bring on the drum beats!


TwoSpecialWires said...

Sally Ann! We're glad you're on your way! It'll be great to see you again! We'll save you a roasted turkey leg!

Lady (or is it Maid? I not quite sure) Fergi (hand in hand with Sir Butchy ... you'll recognize him ... he's the MOST HANDSOME one in knight's armor) Fergi

Bobby said...


Eric said...

Lady Asta dare I ask? Was that you in a cinch with me? Couldn't tell my eyes were glazed over with swooning.

No breakfast Lacie? How's about I get you some of the horses douvers from Sir Wilf's clip clop from France? I tasted it earlier. Has a smidgen of garlic, a hint of red wine with a finish of bouquet of garni. Moreish.

Bertie boy. Do you realise cute little Katie is probably your kissing cousin?? Crickey there could be more crossed wires in the family!

Speaking of family I'm sure that was Scruffy running by with a whole piggie head in his north and south closely followed by Khrya brandishing the pole from the roasting spit.

Sally sweetie could you please tell Fergie not to be so shy and retiring and to stop holding her meekly head down at that angle while she's wearing her long pointy hat? The Barkalot Boyz were nearly in danger of permanently barking in a much higher pitched tone when they were caught short in the meadow earlier.

Got to run my Lady Asta, time for the pulling a sword from a stone competition, but hearty congratulations on your very fine pictures of the celebrations.

Valiantly, Sir Ewic xxxxx

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Oh, Lady Asta, now Scooter has insisted on finding the biggest mount he could find to impress all the ladies...especially you!
SCOOTER!!!!!!! That lance is bigger than you are!! You will poke someone's eye out!!
(OH Asta... try to stop him...)
BENTLEY GEORGE SUNDOG!!!! You may NOT have any more GROG I tell you!
What do you mean none of my dayum bidness????
OK ASTA!!! It is about time to point "Lord or Sir or whatever fancies himself to be in Lacie's direction...
HEY LACIE!!!!!! Come meet my most HANDSOME black Aire bro. What a catch and young and eager to learn the ways of.. well..anything. But do be careful He does have ginormous feet and teeth. May I join you in a bit for some tralala lessons. I have HAD it with watching my brudders. LACIEEE!!! ASTA!!!! HELP!
Sunny who is tired of being nursemaid to these two.

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

hayhayhay ok anok lookie miz Asta!!! I did gitses me that biggerest bootiful horse I cood find. (u duz amember I iz a ferree goood hors riderer) WACH ME JOWST NOW. HEER I GOES!!!!
(what sunny? leef me alones i iz not gonna pokes enneebuddees iballses owt..sheesh )
Scooter the besterest pilot an jowster hors riderer GIDDYUP!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Now Sunny...of course I can help with Bentley....he is um rather large...and what a lovely face...still a pup, huh? Oh dear...he'd been begging for a Meade Smoothie...he's fallin' over as much as dear Bertie...

Oh, I see Sir Eric is here...it's easy to tell him from the other knights as he has that scent of dead rodent about him...(there apparently was a mouse issue...and with Enid in the nunnery, who can he blame for this one???)

Oh dear...seems as though Lady Fergie just speared Mango with her hat...that could be an improvement.

I'm off to eat my nosebag lunch...wonder what Khyra put in here. WHAT? A rhodent head?? I think this was supposed to be Scruffman's...

Khyra??? KHYRA!! Where is my nekkid salad??? With ARR OOO GALA, croutons, tomatos, peeled cucumbers, and a sprinkling of bacon!!! NO...NO DRESSING!! Er um,



Lacie Lady

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

wowzers that there grog iz wunnerful. ya wanna *burp* spen some time wif me laceeeee. sunny sed u wuz hot. corse *burp* i has seed lotsanlots of hot gurls. Aire wunz toooo. That sibe kira is cute too. so many gurlsand so littel time. that grog is makin my head spin sum. a quik 5 min nap an i wil be goooooooooood too go!
I no, I kin joust like that squirt scooter too an impress allll the ladeeeees. Ya with me george????
Uh-bent george the hansomest blak aire boy arown-mom sed so.

Oskar said...

What a magical party!

Nubbin wiggles,

Pepsi the Lazy Bum said...

Oh man, my paws are starting to get blisters from playing the guitar. Phewww.


doyle and mollie said...

well bro it looks like those woos are all taken...

♥ Sallie said...

But can you play the lute, Pepsi? Tee hee.

Look at that green knight go! They will write ballads about him someday. :)

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

PSSSTTTTT Lacie, Asta. Is it possible that you could give me the lowdown on some of the handsome boys here?? I do wish to find a bit of romance. Perhaps we could retire for a quick"nap" and y'all could help me out. Only one smoothie-I'm a liteweight.
I have left those boys to their own devices. Over 24 hours of overseeing them has exhausted me.
Khyra, I have so enjoyed your meals. Do you have any grey poupon? BOL
Lady Sunny
ps I have been practising my ear flips, but my tralalas are a bit rusty.

doyle and mollie said...

ooooooo what a knight *sigh*...

Asta said...

Oh My
How will evewyone get down fwom that cliff???
I'm glad the boyz twied it fiwst..but I'm twembling wif feaw that someone will get huwt on this little "hike"
scawed smoochies,LadyAsta

Alien said...

All this jousting is making me thirsty.

Good thing I brought a flask of Hicbarian brandy. I mean MEAD!

Yes. I am drinking some nice mead.

*Tucks flask away, pats mini horse, lowers helmet and heads back onto the field.*

Pepsi the Lazy Bum said...

Sallie- of course i can play the lute! But only the 8 course lute, the 13 course lute has wayyyy too many strings fhur me to handle. Hehe


Pepsi the Lazy Bum said...

Alien, can i get some mead too?


Alien said...

*Tosses Pepsi his flask as he rides by on his mini horse and lowers his lance made out of a meat stick.*

You are going down, Black Knight.

They will rewrite the legends of the valiant Green Knight!

The Black Knight said...

You think you can take me?

*Lowers black helmet and charges*

Alien said...

I will prove my worth and defeat you!

Sally Ann and Andy said...

What a fun party. I am comming to have some turky. Thank you for saving me some. This is the best party. I hope that Laci is happier.
Sally Ann

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh I wanna ride on one of those mini horses...can you give me a leg up, Asta???

Oh the view up here is FABULOUS...you can see for miles around...

EW EW EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW....oh, yuk...he just shook his head...my steed shook his head and sprayed my with...


Asta...you mistook Mango for a small pony...ew...my velvet is covered in suds...


Lady Lacie

Asta said...

Look at that Gween knight
Isn't ha faboolous???
I think he has defeated the dweaded Black knight..and all wif a stick fwom lunch.
(Asta bows in admiwation)

Why don't you look befowe you step sheeesh
That dwess is gwosss
you'd bettew go change wight now

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Oh my dogness! I almost didn't make it cos of Mum working! Spring must so be in the air at the moment, I hope those youngsters doesn't sneak off into any dark corners. hehe! What a great pawty and I love the theme. I will have to run home and get changed!
~lickies, Ludo

♥ Sallie said...

*Covers eyes with paws* I can't look.

Alien is getting the stuffing kicked out of him!

That Black Knight can't be human. I wonder who it is?

The Black Knight said...

Say your prayers Green Knight!

Mu ha ha ha ha.

Asta said...


We can't let this happen
C'mon evewyone
Let's wescoo Alien
We can't let the Black night win

Alien said...

*Groans as he is knocked off mini horse and rolls as the Black Knight tries to trample him.*


*Gets to feet and looks down at broken meat stick, eyes wide*

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

That dark nite is toasters now!hayhayhay I is cumin to rescoo that alien! OK ANOK i iz on my way alien!

The Black Knight said...

I will trample you into the earth, Green Knight!

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Grab my paw alien!!! we 2 liddol wuns will preval *leans down to grab aliens paw*

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Takes that u evilerest blak nite. we has a hooge hors an a big jowster thingy*throws a sword to alien*

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

we may be liddol but we iz fierce, rite alien!

Alien said...

We shall fight to the death and claim our rightful place at the round table!

Jake of Florida said...

Damp breeches, moi? I who have had perfect control since I was a lad of five moons? Impossible.

As the French say "If it wasn't you, it was your brother!" (Translated from La Fontaine.)


Sir Jake of Florida

AFSocksScylla said...

I'll help you Alien. ~Fenris

Asta said...

I nevew take anything Lacie says fow weal. Just ignowe hew..she makes stuff up, hehehehe
Anyone who can quote LA FONTAINE fow suwe doesn't have damp bwitches(unless they've been in the steem)

Alien, we awe on youw side

( Asta and hew fwiends fowm a sokid line against the black night and stomp him )

Asta said...

Oh My dog
Did you see Fenwis , scootew and Bentley

they awe fiewce

Alien , you awe saved..the black night is no mowe..just guts all ovew the mud(yuck) I think I' need a wefweshing smoofie fwom Lacie befowe i loose my dinnew

♥ Sallie said...

*Smiles as Alien limps over with her torn favor surrounded by his friends. *

Bravo, handsome knights! Bravo!

Lets celebrate the joust with a round of mead!

Bring on the jugglers and fools!

AFSocksScylla said...

We sure showed that black night. Glad to be of service.~Fenris

Asta said...

Kudos to Alien!!!!!
and many thanks to Hewo Fenwis who helped defeat the dweaded balck knight!
Mead fow evewyone!!!
Did you know that thewe awe wondewful natoowal hot spwings on the gwounds..I heaw they have soofing pwopewties fow weawy bones

shall we go?

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

hayhay alien... we iz not gonna die. we is gonna tear that blak nite a new one! ok anok is that sord werkin out ok?????
ps u no peepul duz think i is not smart but it wuz shaksper whut said tho he may be liddol, he iz feers uh fiece. we got him on the run alien! jus fink of all the gurls whut will be sooo impresseded wif us! we wil beez heroeses! ok anok we neerly duz haf him beet. ok anok-we dided vanquish him. ok anok let's go cleenses up, drink sum grog or efen a lacie smoovie,and bask in thoz gurls admurashuns. I needses sum gurl companee an dancin later on.

*throws arm around alien's shoulder as they head to the castle*

Bocci said...

Oh my, Lady Asta, what an amazing pawty! I had a great time "jousting" by the way:-) So glad I could be there!

P.S. Are you nominated for some sort of Oscar for this amazing artistry????

Asta said...

*asta and the other Ladies are throwing flowers at the conquering heroes, Alien and Scooter and Fenris are sorrounded by all their admirers*

Let's go dwink and dance and celebwate!!!!!

AFSocksScylla said...

A nice soak in the hot springs and I am ready to dance the night away. And this mead stuff sure is good. It sure was cool when Asta and the other ladies were throwing flowers at us. And the dancing, ah the dancing...........


Asta said...

I'm so in awe of the bwavewy of ouw knights

Fenwis, aftew you dance wif Ciawa, may i have one dance wif you pleez?


Agatha and Archie said...

WHY DOES HE ALWAYS END UP WITH THE FOOD??? HE IS TRYING TO ADD STUFF TO THE ROAST PIG....... listen my feet are killing me I have never hiked in heels.. and also with a long dress and i have a bit of a teeny weeny headache if ya know what I mean....HOW MUCH MORE CAN HE EAT????? GEEZ LOUISE....... tha is all he is doing beside getting on the horse and falling off....... I gott a go and see what he is doing.. Love ags and her brother sir ARch

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Does the Black Knight DATE???

Just askin', just askin'...

As for hiking in heels, I think Lady Agatha's were only four inch ones...but she did make it up at cliff at a terrierific clip....

As for the boyz Jake and JH...just teasin' you two a bit...WHAT? Would I dance with you??? Mais oui!!!!

May I cut a large chunk of birthday cake first?????


Lacie curtsies to the Boyz and holds up her arms...who first????

Lacie Ladycakes

And I'm sending Mango the cleaning bill for my dress....

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

So sorry I is late everyones! My brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) got his big butt stuck and I had to work to gets him free again....

As I was coming into Camelot, I thought I saws a big flash fly past me. It looked like a sausage sitting on a light bulb thingy...da kind dat you sees on a......chandiliery ting.

Maggie Mae and Max said...


You sure know how to throw a pawty! I am having such a good time!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Unknown said...

Lady Asta,
I shall be humbled by the pawtee knight adventures. I just hope the jousting wasn't over Lacee. The mango might have a problem w/it.

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

hayhay miz asta ok anok thank you for that dance..that was u wasn't it? i mite haf gotted a liddol concushun from that blak nite dude. that iz whut sunny dideded say eneehow.
i hafent seed that big ole bentley jorge fur awhile. haf u? ok anok i shur duz luff this pardee it is the besterest

Asta said...

It most cewtainly was me..I do love the way you spin me awound..I'm quite dizzy, hehehe
Hewe let me kiss youw little head..that should make it feel bettew.
You wewe sooo bwave wif that howwid black knight, sighhhh..Ifeel vewy secoow in youw awms.
Lets dance some mowe

I saw Siw Bentley-Geowge chasing Lacie in the field..
I think he should be safe, hehe

The Daily Pip said...

Am I too late to help defeat the Black Knight? I would have been here sooner, but I have had major wardrobe issues. My suit of armor was too big (and a little rusty) and my tights were too tight.

Are there any meat sticks left?

Asta said...

Siw Pip
The Black knight has been defeated , but you awe hewe in pawfect time fow the celebwation of his defeat..mowe Mead and plenty of Meat sticks!!!
I'm glad you finally wesolved the pesky outfit issooo
Come dance and dwink wif us
we'we not finishing all this foodables and dwinkables till late tommowwow

George said...

Pass me some meat sticks, a beer would go down well to. I'm bushed!! trying to keep up with you all, I was held up, someone locked the door at the bottom of the tower! I thought I'd count how many steps 87!

The Black and Tans. said...

Hi Asta

So sorry we arrived a bit late. Taffy's silly horse losing it's shoe, so inconvenient, it obviously doesn't shop for footwear at decent shops like Lady Lacie.

I didn't mind Taffy doubling up on my horse but I so wished he hadn't hung on with his teeth!!!

Anyway absolutely fabulous party Asta. We are having so much fun, thank you for being such a perfect hostess even with all the mayhen and chaos.

Molly. x

Amber-Mae said...

Hey Asta!!! Remember me?

OMD! I can't believe I'm missing all the celebrations! Wow!!!

Islay said...

This is the best party you've done! They keep getting better and better - you're the best, Asta!


AFSocksScylla said...

Asta, I would love to dance with you. You dance divinely. And have I told you how lovely you look. ~Fenris

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

OH MY...what a totally fabbers pawty...I AM BUSHED!!! And more than a bit saddle sore...heh heh heh....

Oh the dancing, the boyz, the food, did I say the boyz...and THAT CAKE...the frosting was divine....

Did you retire early last night, Asta? I didn't see you after midnight????


Lady Lacie Cakes