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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Last day at Mount Haiwy Lodge and A big Celebwation

On Ouw last day of this fabulous vacation we got out on the mountain wight aftew bweakfast..it was glowious!!!

On the flattew pawt of the mountain...Thewe was a gweat chance fow cwoss countwy skiing and genewal snow fun

Noah ,and his sissies Willow,Tess and Lucy, as well as Penny the aiwedale wewe in fine fowm..Dewey and Asta Marie came as a tandem ski team...Sophie was roaching in the snow,while Joey bwaved the cold and twied to entice hew with his bottle of wine that he bwought fow hew,
Mack fell on his tummy, and Sparky looked like he was about to fall on his butt,hehe
Ellie and AmberMae played pull tug with theiw ski poles..and Poppy was checking hew new equipment.photo by Asta
A pawfect day fow the Whippets(LindyLoo, Sam I Am and Sweed William) to go cross country skiing..they just zoom on by ..above them Ruby in a hot pink ski outfit was bwinging us champagne if you can imagine, heheh, Pwincess newf of Hazawd was a cwoss countwy skiiew too Mango just came on his sled, but boy did he have fun...Baby Stan (the most considewate of dates) put Cassidy in his back pack so she wouldn't stwain hew legses again.. LacyLulu had amazing fowm as she came down on the wight in hew pink pawka and hat. and Lola was gowgeous as evew in hew blue outfit keeping BabyStan and Cassidy companyphoto byAsta
The lifts wewe kind of hazawdous..Fig was standing up and talking to Petra twying to calm hew, Teka wanted to climb up and see if she could walk on the wope, Marvin and Penny wewe the only ones who sat nicely except backwawds, heheh

Lacie,Clover and Opal wewe coming down the slope on the left, the Newfs of Hazawd just enjoyed the lovely cold snow that Scruffy was twying to catch on his tongue, hehehe, Sitka bwought Tia fow a little sledding now that she's bettew..Mitch flew ovew Gussie and Snickers on his Snowboawd..while Baby Stan came bawweling down the wight.photo by Asta
as you can see the conditions wewe ideal fow a pawfect day of fun in the snow..
Peanut was flying on his snow boawd,Lenny demonstwated skiing with youw paws in the aiw,,Gussie and Snickers cozied up on theiw sled, Lorenza and Teka also made a gweat sled team, Paco wowe his new scawf, but was so busy looking at Peanut's pwowess, that he almost cwashed into Myrna, Sam I am has fabulous downhill skiing skills as would be expected of such an athlete, ,Taffy and Stella decided to sled too,as did GirlGirl, and Harry and his Maggie,Maya and Kena bwaved the cold and came sledding too,Momo and Pinot twied out what they had leawned in the ski school and I must say they wewe tewwific!,Putter and Herc wewe skiing in tandem..those lovebiwds, hehehe...and in the fwont you can see
Joey,Tanner,Balboa and Teka all caweening on theiw sled..Stanley and Asta just snuggled...well it was cold!photo by Asta
Aftew a full day of fun..we called Gussie into the lounge,we had decowated it fow him, then we all yelled SUWPWISE!!!!!!!!
WE LOVE YOU GUSSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got him a birfday cake and sang to him..almost evewyone got thewe in time..a few awe missing fwom the pictoowe, like Scwuff..see his bloggie why!
It got wawm and cwowded, and a few of us fell asneep(like baby Cassidy)..
we let Gussie have the whole cake and then we distwibuted mowe fow ebvewyone..all in all I think it was a fabulous weekend and this was a pawfect ending!!!
Thank you Koobuss fow hosting us and making such gweat awwangements

photo by Asta


Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

i'm first, I'm first! What great pictures! You guys are having fun in the snow. All too cold for me. nice to see Momo-dog and Pinot.

Thanks for coming to the cruise party. Really great having you there, Sis!

Molly the Airedale said...

We had the best fun! We're so dead tired from all the fun adventures but we just don't want to stop! What an awesome weekend this was!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Daisy said...

Happy birthday to Gussie! It looks like the perfect snow day.

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh I looked and I looked but kinda feel left out, but never mind, youssse all look like youhad a grrrrreat time withut me.

Peanut said...

Oh my this was so much fun. We had so much fun. What great pictures

Lenny said...

Happy birthday to Gussie!
Asta, you captured some AMAZING photos. Thanks so much for sharing them all with us - they are great mementos from a great trip!

Your friend, Lenny

Lacy said...

woofies Ms Asta!!! didnt we haff fun...burrr it wuzz cold...me not wants it to end...u make da best rovin puprootzzzz..

b safe,

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Thank yu awl sooooooooo much for inkloodin me! I am so onnerd as a not-a-dog to be arskt along!!! I luv sno, an it waz grayte fun on the sledge wiv Stella (altho she did try to chew my ears- good job I rememberd to ware my cowboy hat as they tuk underneeth that jus nicely) an I also reelly enjoyd riding along on the noses ov the bigger dogs.


Cheers, evrybody!!!!!

& grayte photo's!!!!!!!!!!

Bob TB


Agatha and Archie said...

Well we are EXHAUSTED but ready to hit the casino.Did you hear about Asta MArie?That girl has the luck!! Love A+A

Lizzy said...

Man, how I just love the snow! I totally had an awesome time, hee hee.

I love the pictures!


Ferndoggle said...

Asta, the pawty was such a blast...I'm exhausted!! We sure know how to celebrate Heart's Day, huh???


Joe Stains said...

what great pictures, it was definitely worth coming out of the lodge for all that fun. I am so glad we could surprise Gus!!!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh Asta...what a wonderful job you did as woving reporter...your pictures totally reflect all the fun we've been having!!

We heard bout that big blizzard comin'...don't think Scruff will be able to go home by dog sled this time unless I pull...and THAT'S NOT HAPPENING.

I'm gonna head over to Mt. Hairy Hospital and check on Scruffy, GirlGirl and some of the others who had some minor injuries....

Talk to ya soon, Sweet Girl..!!


Dewey Dewster said...

Kousin Asta,

Pawsome pictures......wow, this was sure one swell weekend......why does it have to end? I was just starting to get the hang of those sleds and skiis....I should have stayed out of that frozen pond, though....my toenails were shivering after that one......thanks for all the great memories Kousin Asta

Dewey Dewster here......

Gus said...

Asta: Many thanks to you and your Mommi for posting such marvelous photos of our weekend! And thanks to whoever (ahem) organized the barkday pawty...it was awesome. I wanna stay here, but muzzer says I should come home, because I've clearly blown my diet! Yummi Yummi cake

kissies for your hard work


Asta Marie said...

Kousin Asta,

Next time we get near a casino, you need to join me.....2 Astas together would be just the best luck of all...why when those bells go off and the lights start flashing...you get the biggest rush...cause it means you WON!!!!!! Now I need to save up for the next trip...this one was super....I hate to go home tomorrow. How about you?

Rudy said...

Looked like a wonderful time! it was a warm sunny day here for February but snow is more fun! Instead, Mom went and rode that smelly old horse of hers and left us alone in the house with ol' Dennis... no fun. I'll have to attend your next pawty so I can get out of the house. Now Mom isn't feeling well so I might not get any fun 'til she gets better!
(people at work pass the germs around like crazy)

(gotta take care of Mom now and bring her the cold medicine!)

Noah the Airedale said...

Asta you did it again. Great commentary and sensational photos of a wonderful weekend. Happy Birthday to Gussie too. We're all totally exhausted but it was just the best fun. Hope we get to go on another ski weekend with everyone soon. Who knows maybe come winter in Oz you can all come down here for a weekend.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Koobuss said...

Kousin Asta,

You sure were busy before you went to the casino. Great job on documenting everything that happened!
This weekend was so much fun! I want to live here forever!!!

Love and Koobus Kisses,

Patience-please said...

Asta, you are the best photographer in the universe! You must spend hours and hours in your darkroom while the rest of us get to smile at the results of your hard work.
We just want to say a ginormous THANK YOU!!!!
wags of gratitude from the whippets

T-man Angel said...

Wow, that was a full house!! You did an amazing job with all those pictures!! How did you get all those dogs to sit still like that?

My mom is amazed. She wants to know what program your mom uses to make those pics look so good.

Maya and Kena said...

Hey Asta!
Hee hee! We had so much fun!!! And at first, we didn't want to go out into the freezing cold. But then we realized how much fun we were missing out on and that soon, there would be no more snow and that we'd miss out on so much, so we went along with the pack. And OMD, we had the bestest time ever!!! We couldn't believed we had stayed inside the lodge all that time, missing out on all this!! We just had so much fun!!
And the surprise for Gussie was great!! We almost burst out barking of excitement before Gussie arrived!!
We had such a great time! And now, we'll try to come to every pawty!!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena
PS. Check our bloggie, you received an award!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I just thought I had seen everything... but these pictures blown me away!

LOVE IT!! And I just needed the fun and a smile!:-)

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Asta, what pawsome photos for a pawsome weekend! J x

Mack said...

I wish the weekend didn't have to end!!

Anonymous said...

Good Mornin Asta

Thanks for lending me the pwetty scarf, I had sooo much funs I want to stay in the Poke a Nose for ever.

You take the most awesome pictsurs would you consider teaching keeper, she will pay you lottsa of tweats, pwease.



ChaChi Lu said...

Oh Asta!

You are so wonderful~

Jet and ChaChi

Lorenza said...

Hi, Asta!
It is shame that the weekend has to end!
Sure it was a great party with all those activities! As you know at first I did not want to be outside but then I did not want to be inside!
Kisses and hugs

Stanley said...

Asta Sweetpea!

You are one amazing photographer and roving reporter. I love how you get all of us captured on film and in some very funny positions too. How you were able to do all of that and find time to ski & snuggle with me is beyond my comprehension, but you DID (and I'm SO HAPPY).

Try to get some rest now & give some good loving to your mommi & daddi.

Goober love & tons of smooches,

Harry said...

Once again Asta, some fabulous photos! It's been a blast!

Toodle pip
Harry x

Sassy Kat said...

Looks like ya all had such a fun time!
What a day for the weather here where I live, all of the snow is melting cause we are havin thunder storms. Before the thunder storms we had freezing rain, then rain, then it is going to change to snow and freezing rain. Wow, what a day to just stay in and be lazy. Am gettin ready to celebrate Presidents' Day as ya can tell by my Lincoln hat I am wearing. I have a photo of Honest Roscoe Lincoln and Opus Washington. Too cute they are. Then I will have a photo, not published yet of the four greatest least known presidents at Mount Mushmore. Be sure to stop by later for the photos. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention Sassy Ross, she was asked by Washington to make the first flag of our great nation.

Petra said...

You were right, Asta, I was kind of scared and I was so glad to have Fig next to me. But what a weekend! I had the time of my life! Thanks so much for inviting me!

Mrs Mac said...

Thank you so much for taking Bob along with you all!
Asta, I love your photo's!
Is this Photoshop?
How do you get it so that they get bigger when you click on them?
Bob could use that on some of his!
You're a very talented wee doggy!


Islay said...

Asta, you are one cool terrier! Looks like you all had a fabulous ski party (good to see little Pinot is learning, too)

I have an award for you, so stop by when you're rested!


Putter said...

Hi Asta! Hi!

Wasn't it just the best ever funnest! OMG! It was such a goodest ever trippie! Great pics! See you soonest!


Putter ...:)

Sassy Kat said...

Celebratin Presidents' Day now, come on over and check out a little bit of history Sassy style.

Rudy said...

Oooh, ah, yes, uhhhh, Mom just THINKS I was at home when she left to go riding this weekend!!! Rags does a good imitation of me so he's been covering for me since Friday... (shhhhh.. I owe Rags a big one on this!!!) Thanks for a wonderful weekend -- I love to ski, I'm half Swedish don'tcha know!


Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Asta,
I got good news.. Baby is home!!! Thank you for all your kind words.. we are planning a new date for our wedding, don't forget to come!

ChaChi Lu said...

Thank you for helping us find the pawty!

ChaChi and JET

The Cat Realm said...

OMG! No wonder you and Sassy are nomss friends!!! This is just too much! We love it!!!!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

That's a pawsome ski pawty. Thanks for letting me join in the fun

~ Girl girl

Urban Smoothie Read said...

we love all the pic... skiing pawty is so much fun!!

Jake of Florida said...

What fun you all had -- and those photos are pawtastic!!

We're sorry we couldn't be there, especially with so many of our pals; but we enjoyed all the repawts from your roving repawters.

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

the many Bs said...

we can sure see that you had a woofin' lot of fun.


Princess Patches said...

Asta, you make the BEST reporter of all our fun! Those are really cool pictures! Thanks for including me and Penny! We had a really great time!

Poppy & Penny

Cat Naps in Italy said...

HAPPY PRESIDENT'S Day! Looks like you are all having so much fun. We couldn't help but notice that there were no cats....hmmmm. You still like kitties, don't you?

Much love from the American cats in Italy!
Opus and Roscoe

The Thuglets said...

Oh WOW what absolutely fabulous photos!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx