Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Belated EASTEW

Phew, late again but I wanted to hop by to wish all of you a belated Happy Eastew! 

 I hope the bunny bwought all of you bootiful weathew and happy times wif youw families

it was a bootiful sunny day, this is the hallway outside ouw apawtment

I was all weady

so was the house

the table was almost set

I whiled away the time playing wif my bunny

 the cheesecake was done

 so was the woast

I dwessed up in my Eastew wibbon

but when do we get to eat?
finally auntie juli and unkel chwis came and it was time fow howse doovwes
I pwefewed the goat cheesie ones

finally at the table auntie juli and unkel chwis

yummie lamb

Potatoes anna

spwing gawden vegebulls

and Mommi's fantabooloos cheesecake

I had sum of evewything

nom nom nom

it was a pawfect Eastew

I hope youws was too

smoochie kisses

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spwing has Spwung

Hewo Fwiends!

  Happy Spwing to all of you ..I hope you still wemembew me
I have thought of you lots and lots, but Mommi(secwetawy) was in no shape to help me post, so it''s been a kajillion yeaws since I've been hewe to see all of you.

 while I've been away, Spwing has spwunged

 thewe awe flowews evewywhewe and the sun is out

I can see my shadow and even find flowews between pawked caws

all the westauwants have theiw tables outside and I love taking Mommi out to have a snack

 it's nice enuff to sit outside even in the evenings

 I, of couwse have no self intewest in these outings

 I just want to make shoowe my pawents have a good time

and if sum fwench fwies happen to land in my mouf...well, all the bettew, hehehe

I hope all of you awe now having good weathew and awe happy and healthy

smoochie kisses

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fiwst and only Snow this Yeaw in Boo da Pest

Hewo sweet Fwiends,

 I managed to sneeck on the pootew today in between it being in the shop fow constant pwoblems.

 I've been bowed out of my mind stuck in the house on gwey cold days 

the only fun I have is playing soccew wif Mommi and my tennis ball in the apawtment,
 then two weeks ago..stoopid Mommi kicked the foot of a metal chaiw instead of the ball and bwoke, well, maybe only cwacked hew toe.
 hew foot tuwned black and boo and she cooldn't walk and cooln't put on shoes....
 anyway, that made my life even mowe bowing..(daddi is oosually too busy to play, and besides, I aways take the ball to Mommi) 

 yestewday, I woke up, and guess what? thewe was fwesh snow...Ooooh, was I happy!
 now I know most of you awe sick and tiwed of it in the US and I can't blame you, but, fow me it was miwacooloos.
 Mommi fowced hew feets into hew wellies and we went fow a womp
( I womped, she limped)
 Daddi , Mommi and I met unkel Chwis fow lunch at ouw favowite cafe Alibi and walked awound the snowy neighbowhood 

hewe is a littol smileybox of ouw aftewnoon , I hope you enjoy it

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sadly by today, it was all gone xept fow a littol bit in the pawk neew my house

now it's time fow Mommi to go ice hew foot, 
me to go sulk,
 and the pootew to go to the wepaiw place again.

 I know thewe awe lots of wondewful eventses cuming up in Blogland, but I'll pwobably miss all of them doo to this stoopid pootew .

 I hope you'we all wawm and safe and don't fowget me 

 smoochie kisses



Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Two NewYeaw's Eve's doo to living on the othew side of the Wowld

Hewo Fuwwpals in Blogland, 

 Well this is a vewy excitewing NewYeaws Eve.
.all of us awe going to the speshul blogland Ball latew tonight, but as you know, i live many houws ahead of most of youm hehehe, soooooo, 

I get to have TWO, count them, TWO NewYeaws in a wow.

 Fiwstest, my Gussie is cuming ovew to boo da Pest to take me to the Opewa 

(this is the metwo stop wight in fwont of the's only thwee stops fwom my house, and I thought it would be lots bettew than dwiving cause this way we can have Champews) to see "Die Fledewmous" a pawticoolawly a pwo pwo choice fow us tewwiewists, don't you think? (and NO, it is not about mices)

anyway I gots all dwessed up fow the speshul evening..weady fow womance

little did I know that a bunch of my pals decided to come along 
(I think it was Gussie's JRT sissie's idea so we wouldn't be alone, sheeesh)
 in the end, it was gweat to be wif all my pals..
we stowmed the stage in the last act and took ovew the pawfowmance.. 

Appeawing on stage fwom left to wight:
 TekaToy, Scruffy, Agatha scweaming the song, Fewgie, Lacie, Bewtie (who came fow a speshul appeawance), Stanley(Lacie's embawwased bwuddew) ,Katie, Me(Asta), Spawky, Ewic,  Jake(Fewgie'sbwofew), Awchie(who seems to be in the wong pwoducshun),
 and my sweet Gussiekins kneeling in fwont 

 as you can imagine we had a ball,

 and as evewyone stawted to get weady fow theiw flight to the Blogville Ball, Gussie and I had ouw fiwst of two NewYeaw's midnights 

and now it's off in Gussie's Magic caw to come celbwate wif all of you and dance the night away at the Blogville Ball

 bestest wishes to evewyone fow a Happy, healthy and safe
 NewYeaw full of fun and love and full tummies 

 smoochie kisses


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Chwissmoos Wishes

Deaw Sweet Fwiends

 I want to thank evewy one of you fow the fwiendship and laughs and pashuns even though I haven't been a vewy active bloggew this yeaw.
 I will twy to be bettew in the next. I wish all of you the mewwiest Chwissmous and a NewYeaw filled wif love and hope and good health 

Mommi made me a speshul twee wif my own ownamentses that fwiends have sent me ovew the yeaws

I cooldn't send pawsonal cawds this yeaw, so I hope all of you see this and know that I am thinking of you and wish you all the best

I hope all of you get all you desiwe this Chwissmous My Biggest wish is that all fuwwkids have full tummies , good health and wawm loving homes fuwwevew, So That is what I wote to Santa Paws 

 smoochie kisses to all, and to all, a good night


Saturday, December 21, 2013

I gots to go to Vienna on the Twain

Deew sweet  fwiendses ,

I hope you'we all being good kids and getting into the Chwissmoos spiwit 

 We gots invited by a fwiend to visit hew in Vienna, so we took the twain to go see hew. I sat in my twavel bag at Mommi's feets and didn't make a peep, that way I got to go fow fweeeYEAH!!!!!

 we walked awound looking at all the bootifully decowated stweets and Chwissmoos Mawkets, but my vewy favowite was wunning awound fwee in the woods and hills above the city and then going to a "Heurigen" to wawm up and eat and dwink... 

 hewe is a smileybox of some of ouw twip. I hope you enjoy the pictoowes (make suwe you click on them to biggify if you want to see bettew) 

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stay safe and know I love you all

smoochie kisses


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Santa Lucia Day and sum news

My Sweetheawt Gussie's pawents lived in Minny Soda when they wewe in gwadjewit school and he heawd about a Scanda hoovian custom that he liked lots so I decided to suwpwise him wif bweakfast in bed today in celebwashun of santa Lucia Day 

I think he liked it, hehehehehe 

 on anothew note, I am pwoud to announce that I am now in awfishul twaining fow the Blogville Detective devishun (Oowopean seckshun) aftew being intewviewed and appwoved by PD Bites. This pawlice depawtment undew the capabull leadewship of ouw chief of Police Sawge, is shaping up to be the best in the wowld. i am pwoud to be pawt of it and pwomise to sewve wif love and bwavewy
this is my wondewful badge that I have been isshood like all of you, i suspect, we awe going cwazy wif too many things to do this howliday season, but I think of all of
 you and send you my love 

 smoochie kisses