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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In The DOGhouse

Befowe I tell you my sad stowy..I would like to give this awawd to my sweet boy Gussie, and to Agatha and Archie...I love youw blogs a lot! and I love you even mowe than the bloggie hehehe

Now fow my tale of woe......................

I will nevew undewstand hoomans! They'we a cunundwum...I hope some doggie out thewe can help me cause I'm so mixed up and sad...hewe's what happened yestewday........................

It all stawted out so pawfectly...a cozy family sunday dinner..woast powk,gween beans,and smooshed potatoes on a bootiful ,cool fall evening................
I was pointing out my favowits on the table
Evewything was wondewful..it was a weal love-fest
I was allowed to sit in Mommi's lap and twy the food,hmmm,not bad
Mommi gave me some of evewything to twy..miammmm,miammmmm
Is that allllll?
I saw that no one was eating anymowe, and those smooshed potatoes with the powk dwippies wewe vewy tasty
So I snucked up and kind of helped myself..aftew this pictoowe was taken I suwpwised Mommi and daddi with a gweat leap and wound up almost on the table.......instead of being pwoud of my self sufficiency, and gweat accomplishment..................... my pawents said that I was a bad giwl!
Now I'm in something called the doghouse..what 's that suppposed to mean..it sounds like I own the whole house, cause I'm a doggie, and it's my house..but something tells me it means something else..can anydoggie help me undewstand pleez?


Girl Girl Hamster said...

I would be very proud of you Asta for jumping so high. Are you still in the doghouse now? You look really sad in that last photo.
Big hugs to you

~ Girl girl

Simba and Jazzi said...

The dog house is the place doggies go when they out smart the humans. They suddenly realise that the dog rules the house and they put a stop to it.

Simba xx

Amber said...

Hey Asta, I has a gweat time at Chilli's Pawty the other day. I know how you feel. I jumped on to the hooman's dining table once and they hit my bumbum. I was just trying to get some yummies. Doghouse? I don't know what it means too. Hope it isn't something bad.

Duke said...

I think you just surprised the heck out of them Asta! You're always the perfect lady and this was a new trick that they weren't expecting! Let them know that you have been practicing jumping high to surprise them for your birthday pawty and they have now RUINED the surprise!
This should make them feel bad and they'll go real easy on you!

Love ya lots,

Amber-Mae said...

Oh man, I've only been in a doggie house a few times but when I outsmart my hoomans or do something wrong, I'd just probably get a nice smacking on my butt by my mommy! The food must have been too delicious to resist! Poor you...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Faya said...

Tes humains sont trop durs. Soit ils te laissent toujours faire la même chose ou bien ils te l'interdisent. Mais pas une fois oui une fois non. J'ose aller à table mais Véronique sait que je peux provoquer un accident. Sinon elle aurait du dire non depuis que j'étais bébé.... Je n'ai pas de niche..... mais j'en ai entendu parler. C'est où tu peux te cacher quand tu veux être seule....ou quand les humains veulent être seuls....
Bisous, Faya

Ben & Darling said...

You are right sweetie, hooman are the most unreasonable, unpredictable, very hard to understand....always, they just dont cherish what we did to them. They will blame us and then put us into those socal DOGHOUSE.....asta baby, mayb we can have a plan to run away from home...

Stanley said...

Oh, Sweetpea!

Don't you worry or feel too bad about this doghouse thing. I've been in it plenty of times and it's not permanent. Your mommi and daddi still love you tons ~ and that's why THEY think they put you there... to teach you a lesson. They just have faulty reasoning skills.

Sadly, it's another cross-cultural misunderstanding. Hoomans don't appreciate all of the same things we do, and they think you know all the house rules even if they don't tell them to you.

Don't run away, girlie. Talk to your mommi and ask her to explain. At least then you'll find out what she thinks is the reason why you're in the doghouse(even if us pups know it's because you outsmarted them).

I hate to see you sad. Remember that you are SOOOOO loved!

Gooberlicious love & smooches,
Stanley Boy

Ferndoggle said...

Oh that's nothing Asta...I once ate 3 lbs of freshly grilled kielbasa right off the table. Snorfed it right up before my pawrents even noticed. I just couldn't help licking my chops & that is what gave it away.

Give them the super cute sad face and a few extra kisses and all will be forgiven!


Agatha and Archie said...

Well as we are almost constantly in the "doghouse"we can feel your pain.Once Archie jumped up on the dining room table while they were in the kitchen I was on my tippy toes trying to help him get the cookies.PL1+2 ran in and saw him ON THE TABLE and were not pleased.Humans go figure....Thankyou so much for the award! WE are honored!! Love A+A

Ruby Bleu said...

Well Asta...I actually blame your pawrents and THEY should be in the doggie house instead! I mean tempting you with all the yummy food and than teasing you by only giving you a wee little taste. I mean what's a girl to do under those circumstances!!! But I bet all is forgiven now so not to worry...just be aware of this next time...don't them them tease you...ok!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Gus said...

Asta: for once, I agree with Stanley. It is an inter-species issue - while we value hunting skills and expect to be praised for our efforts, they want us to remain "domesticated" at all times. Breaking out of their mold results in "bad dog" remarks. This is maybe a two day offense, but following close on the heels of the "bitey butt" episode, may extend to 60 hours or so. I doubt they can resist the sad face that long though, so don't worry.

Next time wait until the wine bottle(s) is/are empty and they move to the parlor for dessert. Anything on the table at that time is fair game, because they will blame themselves for leaving the food on the table to tempt you.

Major kissies and thanks for the blog award.


Boo Casanova said...

asta, that's unfair, i would do the same. isn't sitting on the table and start eating the mash potatoes so much better than tip toeing?

wet wet licks


Lorenza said...

Hi, Asta.
I've never been in the doghouse, so I don't know what to say, just I hope it is not too bad!
I'd do the same with all that tempting food!
Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Hey Asta, I got in trouble for taking food off the floor once! The Mom and her friends were eating pizza and the box was on the floor...and since I eat off the floor...well, doesn't that mean I'm supposed to help myself?? I tell ya, humans!

Sir Chance-Lot said...

Awww poor you Asta...I am thinking that your mamma and pappa are way soft and nice, and I bet you the doghouse hasn't even been built yet, and they are all happy with you today...right!
Not like me...they BUILT a doghouse OUTSIDE for me a long time ago, and they told me that in the event I decide to jump on any table inside, I would be exscurried out to the "doghouse" (It is white, and I don't even like that color, but no one consulted me about that either...the "doghouse" is NEVER good!
I am going to OM for you in my doga today !!!

Chilli the Dog said...

Aww...Asta. Pleez dont be sad. I'm suwe youw mammi and daddi wants what's best fow you. Next time like what Butchy and Snicker say..juz give them the saddest look and I'm pwetty suwe they'll realise...they need to share all their delicious food with their pwecious giwl :)

Wet licks

p(ee)s..thanks for all the delish cakes and champagne! you're the best!

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I sneaky-snarfed a whole rack of ribs one time! Mommy pulled them out of the oven, put them on a platter and then onto the dining room table for my enjoyment. She came back in several minutes later and they wuz awlllll gone! 4.5 pounds of splenderiferous bbq'd ribs!

She was finding rib bones under things for months!

Bussie Kissies

DK & The Fluffies said...

We think you should get a prize for jumping so high!

Kirby said...


I'm so sorry that you ended up in the dog house. I tend to frequent it in my house. Mom always tells me "no counter surfing", but I can't help getting my nose up there so close to all the yummy food. I agree with Butchy & Snickers, next time give your mommy & daddy your saddest look. It always works for me and then mom feels sooo bad for me. He he!


Juno said...

Asta! I am on your side! I am not a good jumper like yourself so I woudn't be able to reach anyting on the table. But if yummy food are reachble I would difinetely got for it! I find many hooomans are very unpredictable! hehehe :P

Momo xoxo

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...


Lacie cured me of counter surfing. She taught me to jump on the kitchen chair and jump onto the table. That way you can scarf all of the food faster. We were both up there one time finishing some ICE CREAM that Mumsie has left in a bowl. Somehow or another that bad bowl jumped off the table and crashed, making Mumsie run up from the basement to see what we had done. Lacie said I did it, so I was in the doghouse, a place I'm in so often it's like home. Don't be sad, Sweetie, and tell you mom that her Smoochie Girl wants some Smooshed Taters. (Great alliteration, Scruffy, Thankyou.) Get outa the doghouse before the Pawty!!!!!!!!!

Wiry sympathetic barks, Scruffy

the many Bs said...

oh poor little Asta in the dog house. we admire you for jumping up on the table. it's what we dogs are born to do - hunt and find food. sometimes humans just don't understand about dogs. they think they rule the world or something silly like that. don't worry about the dog house. you do own the whole house. next time, just jump faster and higher and don't get caught until you've had enough to fill your belly with good yummies.

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Asta, ooooo, I can see it must have been sooooo tempting but experience has taught me that pleading looks and a bit of drool work far better than jumping on the table. Go for the sympathy angle, it always works for me! J x

William Tell said...

Just do what I do, Asta, and don't worry about it. I spend a lot of time in the doghouse, and let me tell you before long they forgot why they put you there and then they forgive.

Batting the eyes helps, too.

As far as helping yourselves to seconds, I say YOU GO, GIRL!!!

William Tell

Putter said...

UTO Asta!

This little incident sounds like the time I ATE an entire Brie whole ... Has it all blown over yet??? It tends to work this way when I am in the dog house:)

Talk to you soonest sweet friend,

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

So sorry you are in the doghouse...we know the feeling. The doghouse is where they say you are when you do something bad & you are being punished..no treats or nothin. Sometimes they even bur you in a crate and throw away the key. All four of us were ever bad Friday night & we didn't get out of the doghouse until yesterday.

The Mommy always forgives us & we always promise to do better but then we forget & do the same thing again. OH well we are only dogs...Hehehe....Hahahaha.

Cairo The Boxer said...

I am proud of you Asta!

As for the parents you need to train them and teach them you rule the house. After all that is what I do with my parents.

Randi said...

Hi Asta....Please don't feel bad! Your mama should know that she is just a wonderful chef & that you wanted extra helpings of the smoshy tatos & gravies....would have she been happier had you & all her guests turned their noses up at the slop on the table? NO! Cuz it wasn't slop...it was delicsousnessnessness..that just make you do it... I say you should banish her to the kitchen..to make you some more!
Love & Licks,

Frasier said...

Hi Asta
I think the hoomans have a problem with everything,I have been in and out of this "doghouse"I am getting tired of it!
I have been bad according to my mom(yesterdays post)so I am not allowed to give advice

Kien said...

Oh Asta dear.. dun be sad and confuse.. just treat this doghouse as a 'vacation' after too many parties!.. hehehe.. but if i were u, i will jump up n do the same as u too.. so, cheer up girl!


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Asta,
I hope you are out of the doghouse by the time you see this message. Who can blame you for jumping that high? I would too..if I wasn't vertically challenged.

Joe Stains said...

Asta, you need to learn to be more sneaky, wait until they are not looking THEN you leap! OR find a brother or sister to blame this kind of stuff on!

Anonymous said...

Oh cute Asta! I can't understand humans either... And I can't blame you at all! You just fallowed your instincts!

jaffeboy said...

U R sure a lucky girl!!! Trying out food while on MaMa's lap. I never dare even dream about it.

ChaChi Lu said...

Asta you are just misunderstood. I am impressed with your self sufficient tricks. That food looks TASTY!

~ChaCHi Lu and JEt

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

Oh, Twinny,

You awen't so bad. Youw pawents awe vewy mean. I jump fwom the sofa to the table all of the time. 1 of my pawents always stays at the table to guard it.

xxx Asta down under