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Saturday, September 8, 2007


So Mr. Vinnie the mail man bwought me a couple of envelopes again..it's pwetty cool..Mommi and Daddi only get bills oosooally,which is not cool at all...
OK , I have to see what's in hewe
It was a pwesent fwom my vewy good fwiends Scwuffy and Lacie...
Lacie undewstands that giwls like accesowies..don't I look fabulous..I think Lacie has one too so we can match and go out to lunch and a pedicuwe...

This was Scwuffys's bone ,that Lacie had pwechewed a tiny bit, which made it extwa special i love it!
Can you see the beads awound my necks???it's also fwom Lacie as and added accesowie..it glows!!!!! I'm not kidding, it glows!!!! Swuffy and Lacie also sent me a magnet pictoowe of themselves which I put on my fwigiwatow so I can always see them. they awe vewy bootiful and supew handsome!

Look at this most wondewful collection of stuff! THE BESTEST PAWT...
A DONATION TO SCRUFFY'S PLACE!!!!(not ouw scwuffy..this was a little sweetie abandoned by some howwible hoomans and wescood,but found to have tewwible heawt pwoblems,so she couldn't be adopted..the Bwadfowd Hills people gave hew a home till she died 6 momfs latew, and then they established a twust in hew name and memowy to heal and re-home abandoned dogs and cats. I am sooo vewy gwateful that you did this fow me!!!!!

********************************************************************Then I opened the second cawd!
All the way fwom Malaysa!! fwom my golden fwiend Rossi!
I got this most bootifullest handmade cawd fwom Pwince Rossi!!!! it 's pawsome, thewe is a pictoowe of me with fantabulous heawts all ovew in thfee dimensions and happy Bwithday with a wiwe sculptoowe of a heawt and bow and flowers made of heawts and a pictoowe of me ,Asta
its a twue wowk of awt!!!
This fabulous cawd that was made by Rossi's Mom just fow me!
its vewy bootiful, and thewe is a pledge to give a Donation to those pups and doggies who awe less fowtunate..that is so vewy sweet and special..
I weally thank you!!!! You awe a twuly wondewful fwiend and I'm sooo happy to be one of youw fwiends!

Thank you soo much fow thinking of me and especially fow thinking of all the doggies who don't have our fantabulous lives...i feel vewy vewy lucky to have such cawing and supew doopew fwiends..You have no idea how gwateful I am!!

smoochie kisses to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!! your fwiend fowevew ASTA


Koobuss said...

Way to go, Asta!

You got such nice presents from Scruffy and Lacy. I really like the blue scarf, and bones are the best thing in the whole world!!

Koobuss Kisses,

Bogart H. Devil said...

You sure look purdy in your feather boa!!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Asta
You got great presents. You look cool with that boa!!
And the card is beautiful!!
Have a good night

Goofy said...

Great gifts and card!!! You are an pawsome friend and of course you receive pawsome gifts...

Joe Stains said...

oh asta you look so nice in your feather boa! It was also very nice of them to make that donation in your name!

ToFFee said...


that's some feather boa alright! you look like those supaw stars!

those card are indeed a work of art!


Simba and Jazzi said...

What great presents. love the boa.

Simba xx

Kien said...

Hey darling Asta..

Glad u received the card.. and really glad that u like it... We will update soon in our blog on where the money goes to those doggies that we have donated n helped to..

Oh.. u look great n stunning with that feather boa...


Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Love the boa, Asta! What great gifts! J x

Duke said...

You look stunning in your new boa and beads! And the cards are just wonderful!
You'll always be my special girlfren Asta! We shared hugs and lunch and playtime together!

Love ya lots,

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh you festy Wire...I'll unstuff Stanleygoob...I alweady have; just need time to post it...I let Scruffy be a 'Dale for just a little longer till he negotiated with me the terrierest. He brought me flowers!!! Thoughtful Scruffy! Guess he knew he had to live with me! So glad you liked the accesories and the prechewed bone!! Aren't those necklaces the coolest??? There is a British tea house near here that that we could go to. We'd look divine! Can't wait for the pawty...am having my "fix it" surgery this Friday...so hope I'm able to dance my fuzzy butt off! Smoochie kisses back at ya....Lacie

Ferndoggle said...

Oh Asta, in that boa...you are definitely in the Diva club now!!


the many Bs said...

Wowie zowie Asta! You sure do have some wonderful friends to send you gifts and make donations for you. You are a pretty special pupster that so many doggies love you so much to do that for you.

Faya said...

Do you know Zizie Jeanmaire ? She was singing...."Mon truc en plumes(boa)"...very funny....C'est beau les amis non ? Big Bisous, Faya

Stanley said...


You are SOOO LOVED!! And you look great in Blue!!

Goober love & smooches,
Your Stanley Boy

Sophie Brador said...

Asta! You are divine in the boa. Was there ever any question? You are divine with or without your accoutrements, but with is just so much fun.