a tired dog is a good dog

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm out of the Dog house

My Pawents and I had a long talk about my behaviow..they said it was mostly their own fault fow confoosing me, so to celebwate ouw peace negotiations, we went fow a long walk and then to sit outside and have some pasta and see if I knew how to behave well awound food
We like going to westauwants in funny houws when no one else does,heheh, we went fow an eawly dinner befowe Daddi went to teach his class...I guess fall isn't hewe yet
If you want to be invited along to westauwants, you have to weally behave supew well
What awe you eating Mommi?
Daddi had a diffewent kind of pasta..it was weally hawd to decide which one I wanted to taste
I 'm taking my fwiendses advice and asking nicely to have a taste..batting my eyes helps too..
SO I got to taste evewything and had a gweat time and behaved like a civilized puppy shouuuuuuuuuld...but all that is exhausting

Let's go home pleez I'm tiwed

Ahh thewe's nothing like my bed..heaven
I was so pooped..I didn't even wait fow my lead to be taken off befowe I wushed off to bed..it pays to behave!
thanks to all my fwiendses fow youw good advice,


Frasier said...

Hi Asta,
You did so well.
Unfortunately I decided to jump on the table to drink some of my mommas tea when I thought no one was looking!
So back i went into the dog house

Lorenza said...

Hi, Asta
Good girl! This time you did it very well!!
Rest a lot!
Have a nice day

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Asta...
That's great news!!! Looks like you had a pawsome night out. I wish there were places like that I could go...there aren't any around here. waaaahhhhhhh!!!

Oh and I just love seeing your belly freckles. I have them too!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

DK & The Fluffies said...

mmmmmm Pasta!

Duke said...

Good girls get rewarded with pasta! yummy! So did you get a taste from both mom and dad? I sure hope so!

Love ya lots,

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Asta, I was just watching my mom make smooshed up 'taters like you got in trouble with. OK...here's the deal. I think you were set up. Our mom did not take one photo of her potatos. Does you mumsie take pictures of every meal she makes?? (Trust me, they all look like they should be in Gourmet Magazine...she is such a good cook!) So, my theory is she was WAITING for you to do something bad. It was a test. Or you could call it entrappment. Are there 2 p's in entrapment? I hate to spell. So there; you never shoulda been in that bad doggyhouse to begin with. Oh, and do you think you mom could make a huge pile of the Smooshies for the Pawty this weekend? MMMMM! Lacie is worried bout the costumes I designed. She thinks they might be a mistake. Hmm.

Wiry love, Scruff

jaffeboy said...

U sure learn fast Asta. It was such a good idea to go to restaurants at wierd hours too. Was here other doggies around? It would have been quite a pawty if there were.

Lizzy said...

Pasta! Mmmmmm... you're so lucky to taste everything. Is there any left-overs for me?


Putter said...

Asta! Asta!

I am so happiest that you are out of the dog house! I just knew it would happen! I just knew it!!!!! It looks so funnest ever ... The outdoor cafe you are at eating with your Mommi and Daddi! Neatest ever! Hey would you mind asking your Mommi to send MY Mommy your mailing address ... Mommy is not organized so she does not have it anymore:(

Talk to you soonest!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Anonymous said...


You are sooooooo cute, I love reading your blog. You were such a good girl at the westerwant and mom & dad rewarded you, so much better than the dog house.

Have a great time at your pawty & happy birfday

Ruby's Nanny

Hugs & Belly Rubs pee-ess you have cute freckles

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Asta,
Your belly freckles are SO cute!! So which did you prefer? Your dad's din din, or your mom's?

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hello Asta, so glad that you're out of the DogHouse and out having yummy dinners with your parents.
Your bed look real comfy for you to rest after the walkie and din din

~ Girl girl

Stanley said...

Sweetpea almost FB!!

I KNEW they'd let you out and take responsibility for their part. Your parents are pretty cool that way.

WHOA! I don't think I could show half the restraint you did at the restaurant! You should teach at a charm school for wayward pups.

Thankyouthankyouthankyou for the belly spot shots! You know I love those.

Gooberlicious lovin',

Gus said...

Whew! I am glad you got out of the doghouse so quickly, or you might have missed your birthday pawty. I am coming if muzzer ever finishes this costume!

ps...Dad says I can have the Gusmobile if I come home at a "reasonable" hour. TeeHee! Who ever said that terriers are reasonable?


ycling said...

what fun! You get to eat everything!
I only get to eat those once in a while when the Missy cooks.....which isn't as good as the real thing. Sigh.

Kirby said...


I'm so happy that you're out of the dog house. A cutie like you can't stay in trouble for too long. That pasta looks so good, I can't wait 'till my parents take me to an outside restaurant. I hope the treats keep on coming.


Urban Smoothie Read said...

whenever there r food around, i feel as if ants r biting on my ass

Joe Stains said...

you did a great job at being good! I guess my advice wasnt for a good dog, just a dog that gets away with stuff. I am both, of course :)

Anonymous said...

oh asta i just read about you being in the dog house! i am very glad you're out of it already! look at you, so well-behaved at the restuarant. i'm sure the jump was just a one-off burst of puppy energy!

you know what, i was also caught on sunday standing on tippy toes to reach a whole chicken leg on the coffee table. i can't jump good like you but the table was short, thankfully. HM came out of the kitchen and caught me with my tongue on the chicken and she yelled at me, first for licking her food without asking and second because chicken makes my itchy.


Bella said...

Asta well doen your got yourself back in the good books.

Amber-Mae said...

Oooo, you got to eat pasta with your hoomans? I LOVE pasta & my mommy usually gives me a big bowl of pasta for me only...hehe! You had a great day out with your hoomans.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Amber said...

Hehe, Asta, that's glad to hear. I wish I can behave as well as you. The pasta look gweat

Simba and Jazzi said...

Keep working on those puppy dog eyes. You'll have plates full of food by the end of the week.

Simba x

Ferndoggle said...

Your belly is speckly just like mine Asta! All the Diva dogs must have freckled bellies!!

Not to worry...everypup will have a full day of rest before your pawty. And you know what kinda crazy pawty animals us DWBs are!!


Agatha and Archie said...

Well we are glad you are out and you look very well behaved at the restaurant(but it wouls have been eaier and quicker to jump on the table) We are back in because we have VERY naughty these past few days( not in our eyes in PL2 eyes) She has a friend visiting and we have been nudniks...tee heee Love A+A

ToFFee said...

Hi Asta!

you have to teach me that look!

all I got if it's pasta are the noodles.. no sauce too!


Sir Chance-Lot said...

Oh barkness...ALL I can see is that YUMMY pasta...and your adorable little pink belly

Mango and Party said...

Whee... Happy barkday in advance! Have a great day... month (!) celebrating!

Wiry loves,
Mango & Party

PerfectTosca said...

Hi Asta sweet sister! I'm so sorry I have been remiss in stopping by. The Woman was in this horrible funk over Binaca and I practically had to drag her around. I'm glad you are out of the dog house and always remember, whenever we dogs do something wrong it's our people's fault! It's as simple as that. There is no negotiation about it.

That pasta looks really good. I never get any of that stuff. Sucks to be me!

the many Bs said...

We don't know what we would get if we had good manners. Mom says we are beasts. WE still get dinner and treats and stuff... Maybe if we behaved well we could go out for coffee?

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Glad you took our advice! See, it pays to look a bit sad as then you get DOUBLE the amount of pasta! J x