a tired dog is a good dog

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

languishing in jail til we got spwung....

We woke up aftew a healing westful sneep, weady to have fun!
but Nooooooo!
Fiwst Dewey's Mom showed up...none too happy with hew son and his fwiends (she did bwing some chicken soup and cookies which we ate immediately..thank you!)..but she was vewy upset

Then the weally bad stuff happened:
the police had twacked them down, and had a wawwant fow evewybody's awwest, including mine, fow hawbowing foogitives,hmpffff!.......what was I supposed to do?? thwow my injuwed fwiends out?? awe they nuts???

The gwuff policeguy had a bunch of papews and kept saying things like "accowding to section blah,blah,blah you awe guilty of speeding,destwoying fedewal pwopewty, not stopping when told to, not weawing seat belts, destwoying the mail, public oowination, blah,blah,blah"

no mattew how Asta-Marie pleeded, he wouldn't listen and dwove us to jail and said he was thwowing away the key...gulp
as we wewe taken out to his caw, we saw Koobie's caw being towed away(the policeguy said thewe would be a BIG fine fow that too)

meanwhile I had sent an uwgent peemail on Lacie's laptop, to Sir Iamreallygoodatsweettalkingpoliceoficers and to my Sweetie Stanley of Gooberstan..asking them fow help!

Obviously the police wewe impwessed with ouw Royal connections( I mean a Sir, and a Wulew of a countwy is a pwetty big deal) I don't know what they said to the police, but aftew a little while, a big fat weally nice police guy came and said"awwwwwww, what adowable tewwiews...I used to have a tewwiew fwiend when I was a young boy"
"why they wewe just little wascals like all tewwiews awe...get them outa hewe!!!"
and just like that..we wewe fwee to go (he even sponged ouw wecowds)

My fwiends wewe stawving by now..they didn't give us anything to eat in jail..nothing!
can you imagine?....
once we got home I decided to take evewyone out to lunch at the hottest place in my neighbowhood..usually you can't get in, but I have connections (I play with the chef's doggie,hehehe)

By the time we got to Pastis fow lunch, we wewe all tewwibly exhausted fwom ouw owdeal of the mowning, but it was such a bootiful sunny day, we decided to have a celebwatowy lunch!
Ouw mood was dampened somewhat by the constant pwesence of Dewey's Mom, Asta-Marie who was looking ovew ouw shouldew non-stop (do you suppose she doesn't twust us fow some weason??)

That was a close one..Scwuffy was afwaid cause he thinks this was his thiwd stwike, and he thought he was a gonew! Being an enewgetic young tewwiew is vewy hawd! Thewe is no end of twouble you can get into.
I think that's all fow today..we need to wecovew, but we have big shopping plans and a touw of my neighbowhood planned fow tomowwow.


Frasier said...

We have enjoyed your adventures Asta,though the worst part for me was when you said that they did not feed you in jail !!!

Koobuss said...

Kousin Asta,

It sure is nice to have connections! I'm so happy that we are out of jail, our records were sponged, and we can have fun again. But now that we have a chaperone, we will have to behave, hehe!! (Dewey's mom isn't too bad. She smiles a lot.)

I wonder how my car's going to look when we get it back. I hope it looks like nothing happened to it. I don't want my mom to notice anything wrong!

Koobuss Kisses,
Kousin Koobie

Noah the Airedale said...

How lucky are you lot. Wonder what was said to the police officers to help get you out. Anyway, you look like you enjoyed your celebrationary lunch even though Asta-Marie was keeping a sharp eye on you all.

Enjoy the rest of your time together and try to stay out of trouble!!

Hugs and tail wags
Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

COL. Sam ASTA-fari Joe H. Pinkerton Peabody, Esq said...

Wow, you chicks and chaps have really had an adventure. IT sounds like a brilliant time! Do continue the mayhem for the rest of the visit.

Anonymous said...


You are just too funny, I am laughing so hard. Glad to see you beat the rap.

Hugs and Bellyrubs

Ruby's Nanny again

Lizzy said...

No food in jail?! That's horrible! I'm glad none of you died!


Agatha and Archie said...

Whew,at least no mark on your records.The hard part though is keeping this from Scruffy,Lacie and Koobies Moms!!!! But we have faith in all of you!! Wish we were there! love A+A

Stanley said...

Asta Sweetpea!

Paws down the thanks goes to Chance! All I did was bring the donuts, but he did all the schmoozing with the officers. Thank him for making sure your records got sponged.

You guys might want to have a quiet night by the fire tonight, dontcha think?

Sorry I couldn't stay for lunch ~ pressing matters of state & Stella!

Goober love & smooches,

Ruby Bleu said...

Wow Asta...what adventures. My life is so boooring compared to all you pups!!! And Pastis...WOW...my Mom said that is a marvelous place...you are such lucky pups. I can't wait to read about your shopping adventures...are you going to Bloomies and Barney's???

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Duke said...

I always thought that you got bread and water in jail! I'm so glad that you have connections and were set free! Bless you, Chance and Stanley!

Love ya lots,

Randi said...

Hi Asta! What fantastic adventures! My mom/secretary has been laughing off her chair when she should be typing what I dictate...she's starting to get laugh lines & her cheeks hurt! I gave you a little shout out today on my bloggy if you wanna go & check it out..you might be busy though..planning out your shopping trip for tomorrow...Can't wait to hear all about it!

Love & Licks,

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Oh my goodness, I missed all the drama just by not visiting for 2-3 days! Hope your guys have all recovered from your ordeal. Asta, when you have rested please call at Opus and Roscoe's in Italy. They have finally got our town tour pictures up and you really must see our group photo - inside an English phone box.

The WriggleButts said...

Om my dog.. You've had a lot more action than we have had lately! We're so very glad to hear you got out of jail, though.. It's good to have connections!

the WriggleButts

Joe Stains said...

Did anyone get any prison tattoos while you were in there?! That is so exciting! I sure hope you guys can get the car back or there are going to be some upset mommies!

Hammer said...

Hi Asta
It's good to see you "tewwiewers" are keeping your hoomans on their toes and getting into mischief. There's no fun in being a good doggie.
Love from Hammer

Gus said...

Whew...glad you are all out and safe. Muzzer says...be careful buying from street vendors, we understand the NY police are helping enforce the laws agains counterfeit purses and stuff. (note, she did not say don't buy em..she said be careful.)

Thanks to Stanley and Sir Bacon.

kissies to all

Lacy said...

woofies Asta and all!!! me sooo happies u all ok and outta jails now..good fing u gots a ruler of a country and a smooth talker likies sir chance, to helps u...heehee have funs shoppin and stuffs tomorrow, but me finks sumbody sides koobie needs to drive...

b safe,

Lacy said...

pp's or git her one of dose tank mobiles...heehee dat way she can flatten da fire hidrants...

Juno said...

Just like my twin sissy Momo-cat, while not visiting you for a day or two you've gone though such an adventure. Wow!!
I love the group shot at Pastis and my pawrents are now jealous! They went there for dinner but it was packed and couldn't find a room to wait.

Momo xoxo

Lorenza said...

Hi, Asta
Sure you were so lucky to have Stan and Chance to help getting you all out of jail!
I wonder if all those things just happen to terriers??
Enjoy your shopping tomorrow and be careful please!
Have a good night

Amber-Mae said...

Oh dog...I was hoping that you guys won't be thrown in jail after doing many notty stuff during your road trip. But glad that you guys are freed!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh my Asta, you live such an exciting (but very tiring!) life!

love and laughing licks, Marv xxxxx

The Black and Tans. said...

We are pleased you got out of jail.

The only thing we were wondering is how are your guests going to get home to PA if the car is wrecked? hmmmmmm.

Molly and Taffy

Harry said...

I was almost scared to read on in case you were still languishing in jail. Hip, hip hooray to Sir Bacon and our dear Goober pal for saving the day!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Daisy said...

I have a Get Out of Jail Free card that I will save for you in case you need it in the future. Going to jail is very scairty. But I do think it was Wrong not to wear your seat-belts in the car, because safety is important. But you should have only gotten a ticket for that.

Sophie Brador said...

Asta, I had no idea you were such a wild and crazy girl! I've been following your adventure over the last couple of days (my mom was too lazy to type my comments for me), and I have to tell you, I am so impressed. I've always had a think for the toughies, and now that you've done hard time ..... well, you're just about as close to a hero as it gets.


Amber said...

Hey Pweety Asta, what an adventure you had. Yumyum, I bet you had great food at Pastis.

Amber :)

Patience-please said...

Oh we would be scared out of our MINDS to be in jail. You terriers are way braver than us!
Stay safe and stay HOME! NYC is a dangerous place and you be careful out there!
the whippet waggle

the many Bs said...

Hi Asta, you sure have been getting into some trouble with your friends.

Simba and Jazzi said...

They should have given you porridge. I hope you stay out of trouble from now on.

Simba xx

Jake of Florida said...

If it's a really nice day, perhaps you and the girls can stop in for drinks at the Tavern on the Green and then go for a walk through Central Park. I bet they'd enjoy that after their confinement with the NYPD. Has any news channel tried to interview you to see what conditions were like in jail? They might like to have your first paw impressions!

Jake and Just Harry

Cat Naps in Italy said...

Thank goodness that you are all alright and that you are now free. If you ever get caught in a jam, just let us know; we know people who know people!

Opus and Roscoe

PerfectTosca said...

I'm laughing my hairy paws off here! Boy Asta you sure have adventures! I mean my life is just crap next to yours. Wish I had a couple of Priors! Come and get me. Now.

Love, Tosca

Boo Casanova said...

gosh, asta, what an adventure! i'm hungry too by just looking at the restaurant. well done on the photoshopping. very good job.

wet wet licks


Maya and Kena said...

Hey Asta!
Thanks fur the kisses!
Kena's back home! She was so happy to see us, but after a minute, she began growling at me, the usual. So life is back to normal....at least I got one day off though..
Wags and licks,
PS. Those pics are pawsome! What image editing program do you use?