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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Chapter thfeee of my twip to New Hamster

This is the pawade powtion of my twip to New Hamster...the nearest town to the house was a place called Tamworth..it's vewy little, but they have a celebwation and a pawade anyway for the foufth of July...pwetty much anybody can be in the pawade as you'll see....at times I thought they were pwetty despewate to let some of the pawticipants in, but then I'm a spoiled kid fwom the big city so what do I know about small town Amewica

I got up and played with my lobster while the hoomans got weady to go to the pawade in town

Daddy brought me into the little town(the whole place is about the size of my stweet at home)
Mommi and I sat in fwont of the genewal stowe, I wanted to go inside and see if they had anything to eat
I was weady to go and be dazzled by my firstest foufth of July pawade..Mommi looked like some weird flag, I wefused to get dwessed up
These small towns will put any body in a pawade
The local theatre gwoup
More pawade stuff
To tell you the twoof, I was getting pwetty bored..it was a looong pawade ,but being a super good WFT girl, I sat quietly(it helped that Mommi had me in a hammer lock)
These little boys were vewy xcited cause they won some big deal baseball thing
All of a sudden, Mommi and Auntie Kawen had to cover my earses
Cause these hoomungous big fiwe engines came and made the mostest noise ever
These were the music guys..they weren't fwom Cawnegie Hall, heheheh they thought they were fwom New Owleans and wore beads...wrong pawade guys
This was my favoritest float in the pawade..can you see the sweet patwiotic puppy?
There were all these hooooge black and white DOGS???? they suwe poopedalot, and appeawantly in New Hamster you don't put their poop in a baggie>>>what's up with that???
This was a pwetty cute little hooman pwetending to be a big bad soldier in the war for independance
Happy Foufth of July everydoggie!!!!!!!!!more stuff fwom my vacation to follow...smoochie kisses to all my fwiends(BTW, I think a contingent fwom DWB would have made the best entwy in the pawade!)


ToFFee said...


that's the awesomest parade!

I'm sure you have lotsa fun!

Did you get to eat lots of bar-b-cue????


Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Asta,

That looks like a cool pawade, but who watches if evwyone is in it? Mum used to march in her local pawade in Pacific Palisades wif her last tewwier, Caesar.

xxx Asta down under

Duke said...

Your mommy looked so festive Asta! I've never been to a parade! You're so lucky! I've always wanted to ride in an antique car! I think they should have invited you to ride! That would have been cool!

Love ya lots,

Boo Casanova said...

oh asta, those black and white dogs have very big POOPIE! that's why poopie can't fit in a baggie. and they are huge!

wet wet licks


Stanley said...


The one thing that stood out in those New Hamster photos is how bright and shiney and alert you seem in that sleepy little town. Even some of the people on the floats looked like they were either only half awake, or wanting to be somewhere else.

It sounds like a cross-cultural experience for you and your peeps. Did they speak a different language there?

By the way, the black & white things are KOWS (I'm now an expert, apparently, after I startled one in the barn out at Bibble's house). Boo is right about their poop. It's sometimes as big as you. (I hear it's fun to roll in - all squishy and fragrant).

Tell your mommi she does a very expert job of putting the hammer lock on you while just merely looking like she's hugging you! Wish I could have been there with you.

Your goober boy,

Pee Ess
My, what a big lobster you have!

Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...


Sounds like you had a great trip. I love all the pictures. New Hampshire looks like a nice place, especially for doggies.

I'm glad you and your parents are having a great time. Nothing like running around on grass.


Miss Reina said...

WOW! The parade looks so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!
I think i will be barking like mad if i were there!
The puppy with the scarf is really sweet looking!


Gus said...

Hey that looks like a cool parade! I'm glad you had a good time and got such great pictures!

Faya said...

Quel joli défilé ! Tu n'as pas eu peur ? Tu es bien brave. Et les grands chiens blanc et noir ici aussi il y en a plein. Ici on les appelle des vaches....
Gros bisous, Faya

Frasier said...

Hi Asta,
Pappys fella did a post on a similar parade !!
Whats up with the big doggies and the poopies.I am not allowed to poopie outside !! Dont know how she trained me but its true !!

Joe Stains said...

that looks like a pretty good parade except for those pooping cows! you'd need big trash bags to pick up that poo!

the many Bs said...

That's a funny parade! It's funny that they have those cow monsters in it. We would LOVE to bark at those giant things. And the little soldier boy was pretty cute. We like your hammer lock the best though. Hope you're okay. hehehehehehe

Agatha and Archie said...

That parade looked great! We went to one once. We didn't see those black and white things, we saw thse HUGE brown things with very long tails and they clicked when they walked. PL 2 was mad because she kept saying, Why don't they have to pick up like we do? We weren't sure what she wanted them to pick up until we SAW THEM IN ACTION!!!!!!!! A trash bag wouldn't even work!!! Glad you had fun, Agatha + Archie

Lorenza said...

Hi, Asta.
Even if the entire town was there in the parade sure it was fun to see all them!
We don't have parades here, at least not like yours!
Have a good night

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I was in a parade once. But I barked too much so we left early!

Bussie Kissies

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Asta,
What a GREAT parade. You are so so right. All the dogs from DWB would have made an awesome entry in the parade.
PS : I like your Mom's red CROC shoes.

Kien said...

Hi Asta..

You are such a lucky little doggie!!..

Golden Rossi

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Your mum's outfit is great, my mum wants some of those croc shoes. Fine by me as they look like they'd be great to chew!

Oscar x

Finnegan said...

Lots of good stories! I think the DWB would have made a great float at the parade. Maybe next year?