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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bastille Day

I'm sending all of my doggie fwiends big smoochie fwench kisses for a happy Bastille Day...I know I'm not Fwench, and neither awe you, but it's a good weason to have a pawty, so I seize the moment.....so this is what I did....
This is where we started our celebwating for Bastille Day...duck rillettes, french bwead and wine, yummmmm(water for me)
You can just see my stripey Mommi in the backgwound at the baw, in fwont of her is a live band, they were pwetty goodWhen we got done celebwating at Le Deux Gamin, we decide to continue by walking ovew to auntie Kawens apawtement and pwetending that she has a deck.............
This is how we had to come out to the "deck"...thfru the window(have you noticed that my Mommi wears the same outfit for fourfth of July and Bastille Day???it's the onlyest thing she has that's blue and white and wed...she's usually in solid black like a twue manhattanite.
I know this is all bluwwy, but I wanted you to see how clever we were, we set up a table and chairs out on auntie Karwen's pwetend deck(it's actually scafolding awound her building ..but we NYers are nothing if not inventive, heheheh)
You have to take evewy oppottunity, you don't want to miss a thing at these dinners

Mommi is a pwetty good shawer, I test all cheeses fow her to make suwe they're not tewwible to eat
Well awen't you going to shawe auntie Kawen????
Jeeez Daddy, there's no need to be so pwotective, it's not like I was going to take the whole thing, but that liver stuff suwe smells good
I think Id like some cornichons to go with my goose liver pleeez
HMMMMM, nice cheese selection, I'm moving fwom plate to plate so fast I'm bluwwy heheheh
Awe you absolutely suwe that her's no mooowe?????
The view fwom aunt Kawen's "deck" back towards my house and the Hudson
Total Bastille day exhaustion has finally set in..I don't know how those fwench puppys can take all this celebwrating
I suwe hope all of you had a tewwific weekend too.
Sleep tight and I'll talk to you all soonest
lots of love and smoochie kisses

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Duke said...

What a nice pawty with all of the yummiest looking stuff! Your back yard sure looks a lot different than mine does!

Love ya lots,