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Thursday, December 4, 2008

A belated Fantasy Pawty

Ruis biwfday was Novembew 26 but he and most of Limbuwg did not have any intewnet access fow weeks!!!
Today they are supposed to be back on!
So we (Karl, Sassy, Opus, Momo, and I ,(Asta)) are thwowing him a suwpwise biwfday theme pawty now! (fow those of you who did not know, Karl and ruis wewe mawwied in a bootiful cewemony eawliew this yeaw...they awe my vewy good fwiends and a faboolous couple)
Welcome to Arabian Nights for Ruis!
(photos and Stowy by Kawl unless othewwise specified, so now I'll let Karl descwibe the pictoowes and tell you what happened)

The guests of course arrive on magic flying carpets! Opus is bringing his new lady friend Lacie and they picked up Asta and her sweatheart Stanley on the way.

Wheeeee.....this is fun,hehehehehe

Momo comes with her boyfriend Socks and they picked up Sassy.

Mrs. OZ and Tintin had helped me(Karl ) put up some Arabian tents and one of them is solely reserved for Ruis birthday presents! After everybody puts their presents inside it is quiet crowded in there!
These are his presents: a framed painting (Opus), an Arabian horse (Sassy), gold bars (Sassy), a gold shawl (Asta), an oil lamp (Sassy), a camel (Opus), an orange tiger rug (Socks), a picture (Karl), pickled lizards (Karl), another oil lamp (Mrs. OZ), and another oil lamp (Momo), a gold throne (Karl), a hookah (Asta), a genii with a flying carpet (Momo), an Aladdin DVD (Tintin), perfume (Opus), an Arabian coffee set (Mrs. OZ), three boxes with precious scents (Asta), a sword (Tintin), a magic flying carpet (Sassy)
And then the In-Laws arrive with Ruis! They had told him that they would take him to a surprise trip in the countryside, blindfolded him, and flew him over.

After the long carpet rides everybody is just relaxing a bit first.

Not evewybody! I (Karl) am giving Ruis a private belly dance performance, hahahahahahahaha!

Picture by Asta

It doesn't stay private for long of course and now all the girls want to belly dance too!

picture doctored by Asta since she found a photo where herBFF Lacie was in the foreground doing a snake dance

And not just the girls.... there is Opus, keeping Roscoe's spirit alive with a most awesome belly dance that Roscoe couldn't have done better!

After all that dancing everybody is hungry! Mrs. OZ and Tintin have some snacks prepared: lizard pilaf, lizard gyros, baklava and lots of hot sweet Moroccan tea. Here they are waiting with Karl and Ruis for the "hungry hord" to arrive.... And please help yourself to some food too, there is plenty more!
photo by Asta

I pwefewed the meatables to the lizawd..I think lizawd is an ack-wiwed taste..but evewything else was vewy delicious!

Afterwards cats and dogs are just hanging out, having a good time. And for some reason Mrs. OZ decides to rub the lamp she gave Ruis for his birthday - and guess what happens!!! All our bridge animals appear in a cloud of pale blue smoke and sing "Happy Birthday To You".

Then it is time for Ruis and me to part with the party and mount our magic flying carpet to go off for a romantic couple of days at an undisclosed (no, Sassy, we are not telling!) location. But Sassy was nice enough to leave a prepacked suitcase for us with strict instructions to not open it until we reach our destination...
Come back this weekend ( to Karl's) to see where we'll go and what we'll encounter!

And if you have a minute please go over to
Ruis blog and leave him a birthday wish!
And as a little thank you for celebrating with us,
please also take some pillows home with you!

Stanley and I awe going to go twy out a few of those pillows wight now..
we need a west aftew all that dancing and eating

photo by Asta

I'd like to thank Kawl fow that faboolous nawwation..I hope you all enjoyed the pawty stay and eat and dwink and dance wif us a while
love and smoochie kisses


The Cat Realm said...

Thank you soooo much Asta and Stanley for coming to the party! You belly dance performance RICKED, Asta! And I can't believe I forgot to mention the meat table - only having lizards on my mind all the time. And Ruis of course, hahahahahaha.
We will party for two days and then Ruis and I will go on a romantic get away too.
Now let's PARTY!

Stanley said...


Asta Girl! Thanks for taking me on this magical birthday ride to celebrate Ruis! I am having such a blast with him, Karl, and all of their friends.

And that belly dancer outfit you're wearing is... well... I think I need my coat groomed cuz I'm WAYYYY too warm right now. You make me all wiggly & giggly!

Goober love & smooches,

Scottie the 'Cutie' said...

Wow...that is an awesome party indeed! Happy Belated birthday, Ruis! You sure have great friends who threw you that fabulous party! *grins* Thanks for sharing the story with us, Asta! Hope you have a great weekend!


Cat Naps in Italy said...

You look just beatiful in your belly dancer outfit! I am so glad that were able to ride to the party together!

Kitty kisses,

Simba and Jazzi said...

A magic carpet ride looks like fun! What a great advanture.

Simba x

Two Schnauzers from New England said...

This is pawtastic!

Love -

Hershey and Kaci

Unknown said...

Oh great....now Mommy can't stop singing "Midnight at the Oasis!" My ears, my ears!

Hey, one of those inlaws looks alot like me!

Your pal,


Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

You are a great belly dancer Asta. This is a pawsome party and I am having a ball visiting with my friends. ~Socks

Sassy Kat said...

All that practice paid off. I think our belly dance went about as good as it could. It is so much fun being all together again. Somehow I don't think that the surprised stop with the party though.

Ruby and Penny said...

What a great party. It looks like so much fun, especially the carpet ride. I think lizard would be quite tasty.
Have a great time.
Love Ruby

Gus said...

woooooooooohheeee...I really like that belly dancing picture of you, Asta Rooni. I am gonna print it out really big and put it on the dishwasher by the one of Miss Snickers.

Whew. Anybody got one of those feather fans handy? Just thinkin about it makes me......forget I've been altered.


Dexter said...

Asta! You and Stan make such a cute couple.

That party looks like fun. The magic carpet ride, WOW!


The Cat Realm said...

Ahhhh - it is so much fun to party with you all! Asta - your belly dance sure is one of the best! And thank you soooooo much for bringing the meat to the party!
Karl and Ruis

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh Asta...you look fab in ur dancin' gear!!! Would you believe that sweet Opus got me a SILK belly dancin' outfit...in black and pink...it's pawsitively adorable...

Those kitties can throw a pawty, can't they...

Oh my...so is the pawty in NYC at Petey's???

Love ya lots, Girl!!!


Moco said...

You always have the best wardrobe and attend all the gala events. When do you ever find time to sleep.

Kelli said...

Wow Asta, That looks like it was a fabulous party! I bet it was the best birthday party Ruis ever had!

Daisy said...

Lizard Pilaf!?!?!? Yummity-yum-yum! What a beautiful and exotic party for Ruis. I am sure this will be one of his best birthdays ever!

the many Bs said...

wow, that was some party, Asta. we like that magic flying carpet. it looked like a fun ride!


well this sucks said...

The dancer pictures are fantastic!
Looks like so much fun! haha

Agatha and Archie said...

WOOHOO!! You make a GREAT belly dancer!! Looks like a good time was had by all!! Stanley look very handsome!! Love and kisses A+A

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello asta its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that luks like kwite the swaray!!! i wood like to hav come but i wuz deep undergrownd serching for the gofer kingdum so maybe nekst time ok bye

Joe Stains said...

That looks like where we live with all the cactus and sand. I wonder if I wander in the desert I will find some belly dancing babes???? and FOOD???

Deb Cushman said...

What fun! That magic carpet ride must have been a great treat! You looked pretty good in that belly dancing attire!