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Monday, June 30, 2008

What to do on a howwible hoomid day

tuwn on the aiw conditionew, invite some fwiends ovew, set the table (use napkin wings that look like doggies) and pwepawe to have a silly good time.

Petey and his Mom came ovew along wif auntie Kawen...
it was howwibly hot outside..we had been to the wun eawliew, but now, all we wanted to do was stay in

Petey wowe his owange Polo shiwt in my honow..I think that's weally cool

we said hello
( in case youw wondewing,that's a bwovvew to sistew kiss)

I was dwessed in my summew polka dotted dwess by Snitchybug designs, and feeling quite stylish, but I couldn't just sit and welax

Petey and I had a vewy impowtant job to do...the Mommies and aunt Kawen thought it would be fun to put masks and goop on theiw faces, and colow theiw haiw too, and of couwse Petey and I wewe helping them
We put stwipes in auntie Kawen's haiw

Petey had to kep a close eye on the stwipes..we didn't want them to be gween

then we did Mommi's haiw...I chose the colow!!! OWANGE of couwse

this is the thwee sillies twying not to smile , so that the mask on theiw faces won't cwack hehehehe...hoomans suwe awe weiwd

we got bowed waiting fow them to tuwn bootiful so we went in to be wif Daddi

this was mowe fun!!! Daddi was watching soccew....and Spain just scowed a bootiful GOAL
Daddi weplayed it fow us sevewal times (Petey was extatik)

we stayed in thewe watching wif Daddi , who was sooo happy that Spain won
by the time the game was ovew, Auntie Kawen was all smily too..I guess she like how we did hew haiw

all thwee of them wewe all giggly and happy ...they had been playing wif makeup too, but Mommi got bowed by the time she was supposed to dwy hew haiw..so she just let it be fwizzy
(I think they thought they wewe still in High School ow something)

it was cewtainly wowf all of ouw hawd wowk to see auntie Kawen laughing, and looking bootiful..but I have to tell you this wowk makes you weally hungwy

finally ...dinnnew!!!!!!
Woast Powk wif Summew Rice salad and souw chewwy cumbewland sauce

and then auntie Kawen's Key Lime Cheese cake
(closely watched by one of the napkin wing doggies)

I think Momi wanted me to stop jumping up on the table...wellllllll, I'm stawving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finally...but I had to make a giwaffe neck to weach it

I decided to take a mowe diwect appwoach to weaching the food

But guess what...I didn't even get into twouble, cause I was so helpful wif the bootifying pwojects..
Petey wasn't even at the table, he's so well mannewed,
plus, he just wanted to play balll......what else is new?, heheheheheheheheheh

all in all it was a pawfect Sunday , on a hot hoomid day..I hope all of you stayed safe and cool!!!


i said...

What a great Sunday! You and Petey look lovely in orange! That's a yummy cake there!

So glad that Sadie Sue got adopted!

Amber-Mae said...

Bet it was nice & cold in your home with the air-conditioner on. The foods look delish! Hope you had a pawsome time.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Joe Stains said...

You hang out with some lovely looking ladies Asta!! I am surprised Lacie didn't show up with all the hair highlighting that was going on! I think you guys had a perfect day and we are so happy to see Aunt Karen laughing.

Noah the Airedale said...

Your mum, Auntie Karen and Petey's mum sure looked like they were having a fun time and of course they all look beautiful when they finished the beauty treatment.
You and Petey look great in orange too. I hope D makes a key lime cheesecake...it looks delish!!!

Hugs and tail wags
Noah xx

Molly the Airedale said...

What a fun way to spend the day! We love that you and Petey match in your orange outfits, Asta!
Can you put in a good word for us so that we could have a piece of that key lime cheesecake too?! ummmmm

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Two Schnauzers from New England said...

Hi, Asta -

It was hot and humid here this weekend too. Mama does not like this at all. Shd didn't want me to get sick so we did not go for a walk. We played inside instead.

Your Mommi, Aunt Karen and Petey's mom look beautiful. Tell Petey he can come anytime for our barbecue -but he has to take the train to New London so we can meet him there. You can come too.

Love -

Hershey and Kaci

Princess Patches said...

What a great way to spend a Sunday! That Key Lime Cheesecake looks like the pawfect dessert for a hot and humid day. Have a really great week!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Girl Girl Hamster said...

What a cute summer dress you have Asta. I wish I can come pawty with you and Petey

~ Girl girl

BrandytheGreat said...

Great Sunday for you! You two look funky in ORANGE! And that cheesecake??Looks goooooooood!!

Mack said...

That is what I call a perfect Sunday!
It is so hot and humid here too. We stayed in all day yesterday.

And I love your long neck! Mine is so the opposite!


Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

Oh what a pretty orange dress Asta. And the doggie napkin rings are the cats meow. Looks like everyone had a wonderful day. Mommy is drooling over the Key Lime Pie. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

Toffee said...

What a great way to spend ANY Sunday!!! It was so wonderful to see a big smile on Auntie Karen's face = ) Asta, you and Petey did such a terrierific job on the ladies' hair and makeup - great job!

happy monday!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Good Morning Sweet Asta! First, you look beautiful in your orange dress. Petey is quite stylish too! It looks like your Mommy, Aunt Karen and friend had a fun day! Their hair turned out to be lovely! You have such a pretty Mommy! Our Mommy is going a bit crazy having to stay inside, but at least she has us for company! It is too hot to go out anyway! Mommy says that she would feed you anything you want cause you are just so cute!


Gus said...

Asta: You did a great job with the highlights. Muzzer says you can come and do her hair anytime, as long as you bring the Cumberland sauce and the key lime pie.

Goodness..I hope she doesn't plan to eat them together!


Agatha and Archie said...

We are behind on our reading.....Good to see your Auntie Karen smiling!! You all look like you had a fun time... PL2 tried to do her hair at home and thought she did a great job..until PL1 told her that the bathroom WAS A MESS and when she went to get her hair cut her hair dresser just shook his head and laughed!! HA HA HA!!!!! Love A+A

Faya said...

Hahahahaha on dirait des clowns ! Mais elles sont très jolies.... Et toi tu n'as pas fait de masque ? Bonne idée pour les dimanches trop chauds...
Bisous, Faya

Stanley said...

Astaroni Sweetpea!

You and Petey need to open a salon with Merv. He says you can have the original one be in NYC and the second location could be GooberStan. You could call it something like AstaPeteMerv's Curl & Swirl. You get the idea.

You and Petey are gorgeous in orange. It's not everypup who can wear that color you know. Of course Petey had a ball with him. Is that his squeaky ball? Does it still squeak?

We are SOOO stinkin' excited that Auntie Karen had a blast and got some good belly laughs in. How could she NOT with your crazy mommi & Petey's mama? What a bunch of wacky women.

Goober love & smooches,

Snowball said...

You are a great beautician, Asta. Your mum and her friends look great! You deserved to be rewarded.



Ruby Bleu said...

What a fun day! You and Petey looked so cute in your orange!!! It was nice to see Auntie Karen having such a good time...laughing is good for her!

Try and stay cool!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Deefor said...

Hi Asta
We need you here to fix my mom's hair. It's a little strange looking. Maybe we can pay you in ice cream.


Peanut said...

What fun. My mom would like to know if you would come down and do her hair.

Daisy said...

You and Petey look so cute and sunny in your coordinating orange outfits! I think the orange hair stripes look really good, too!

Renna the Princess Puppy said...

OOOO it looks like you had a great time on Sunday! My weekend was great to! I love your dress! Mommy said I can get some pretties for Snichybug when I stop growing!

slobber kisses

Unknown said...

I think we should rename the color orange (to include Eric as well!) to now be known as:

"ORANGE you GLAD you're a Terrier?"

Your pal,


Orange you glad we're friends?!?!

Ferndoggle said...

It's been really hot & humid here too. You've got the right idea Asta! I just love your orange dress. And all of the ladies look lovely!


Eric said...

Orange you glad we choose the most glamorous colour for our bestest things?!!! Rocking citrus doggies!!!!

You look a doll in your dress Asta and Petey is pawsitively handsome in his polo shirt... and the Mommi's and Aunty Karen and looks like teenagers BEFORE the beauty treatments. . and the orange highlights were the icing ...

Then the dogalicious dinner with the doggie napkin wings.. yes we tried to buy some of those on ebay when they had ORANGEY ones...I think I spied an orangey one that you have in one of your photos once??? Hehehehe...nothing get's past Eric Square...but back to the food... cherry cumberland sauce and key lime cheesecake, yum, yum, yum. Boy oh boy, I'm so pleased you all had such a citrusie and blissful Sunday.

Wiry Wags,Eric x x x x

Petra said...

Your mom sure knows what to do on a hot and humid summer Sunday! Seeing your Aunt Karen laugh makes me especially happy.

You are Petey look so cute in orange but that key lime dessert looks wonderful!

Stay cool, sweet Asta!

Lacy said...

w00f's asta, u n petey looks sooo coolies in ur orange..wuz pawsome to c the ladies smiling and laughing...heehee, and the hairdos and makeup iz just the rite touch...the foodables iz makin me hungry..

b safe,

Koobuss said...

Hey Kousin Asta!!

Come and join me at the beach! It's a lot of fun when you have someone to play with.

Love and Koobuss Kisses,
Kousin Koobie

Deetz said...

Auntie Kawen needs to send the recipe to my mum for that pie.....she starting wanting to eat the screen worse then me, when she saw it....We got baby bird eggs in our yard and I will post about that after my mum gets her work finished, which could be forever. You look adorable in your orange dress and the human ladies look extrodinary...(my spelling sucks on the word, but you know what I mean)

PB 'n J said...

Oh that looks like such fun! That's a great way to spend a humid day!

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Asta, what a fun way to spend an afternoon. Weren't you tempted to have highlights too? J x

Mr. Hendrix said...

what a cool party! get it? cool? seriously tho, you look stunning in your polka dot dress. if i was a boy woofie, i'd be panting and not from the heat!

Abby said...

Hi, Asta...

What a great Sunday with your family & Petey...That was a great way to beat the heat & humidity...

I love your orange polka dot dress...

Abby xxxooo

Dexter said...

Oh Asta! I am so glad you have aire conditioning because it is just way too hot!

Your peoples look quite lovely after getting their hair done, but nothing compared to you in you most stylish outfit.


Anonymous said...

What a fun day, my typist laughed hard at the three with their mask and glasses on the couch, hahaha.

You looked lovely in the orange dress, Asta! And Petey so handsome in the orange poloshirt...We LOVE orange!!

Stay cool, girl!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Asta!
Beauty day for the girls! Glad to see that they had a great time!
You look great with your orange dress!
We watched the game too!
Kisses and hugs

Sassy Kat said...

Sounds like you really know how to beat the heat! Looks like you all had a lot of fun.
We couldn't leave for the safari etc without saying bye for a little while. We will miss all of you so much. Hope we can teleport and visit at least a little.
Sas & Momo

Moco said...

They all turned out lovely. Grammie wants to know what they are using on their eyes.
Orange is a great color for you and Petey. It is good to see everyone having such a good time on a humid day.

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Asta...the ladies all looked bootiful at your house...Do you think ur mommi could do my highlights soon??? I really like the way she did Auntie Karwens....and NO ur mumsie's hair didn't get orange...it looks bootiful...I heard them talkin' bout it on the 'phone!

Those Scotties on the napkin rings sure have a fun job!!!

MMMMM...that lime cake looked amazing....what was in it??

Stan's sayin' mean things bout my derriere on our blogie...sniff....

I'm goin' to Bed...exhausted!!!!

Kissies...Lacie girl

Sophie Brador said...

Asta, I'm not sure you are allowed to watch Spain play soccer while wearing orange. Someone might mistake you for a Netherlands fan. Did I see martini glasses at the table? Mom is thinking she wants to go to one of your mom's Sunday afternoons, and I know I do. I just love hanging with you little doggies. But I'm not going to wear clothes or stripe my fur. I can bring my purse though.


Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...


It looks like you had a wonderful time in the AC with your pal and Mommy's friends. If my Mom had her friends over for girlie stuff Daddy would have retreated to the TV for some sports entertainment as well. Smart move George.

Glad you got some yummy treats. I just finished posting pics from my plucking. I feel so aerodynamic.

Luna Licks

Simba and Jazzi said...

Certainly looks like you had a good weekend.

Simba x

Cat Naps in Italy said...

Looks like a fun girly day. Our female wishes she could have gone to your house to play. Those pretty ladies look a little mad in the photo with the goop on their faces. Are you sure you didn't put that stuff on their faces??? hehehehehe.

Italy is hot, hot, hot right now. But we don't care. Our Grandparents are arriving tomorrow! YEAH!

Kitty kisses from hot and humid ITaly,
Opus and Rosoce

Amber said...

Hey sweet Asta, what a fun Sunday with your friend Petey and your mommy's friends. You summer dress looks fantastic on you! The roast pork... and the cake.. I want

take care

George the Pup said...

Sure looks like you, Petey and the girls had a great time! Stay cool!

Maya and Kena said...

Hi Asta!!
We've never tried coloring our humans' hair before, but it sure looks like fun! AND you got to hang out with Petey!!
We saw the pics of when Petey had a sleepover at your house, and we wish we had been there!! It looked like you guys had a blast! And the dog run pics are great!! (Kena also has a tennis ball obsession, hee hee!)
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Gaia the Airedale said...

What a lovely Sunday you had Asta! You got to have a great day inside with some friends and you just look so cute in that Orange dress, and the Key Lime Cheese Cake looks to die for!

puppy breath,

Frasier said...

Well the ladies look bee yoo tifool and so did you doggies.New Yorkers are so stylish!

Deetz said...

Thanks Asta
All the human girls look so pretty in the pictures. Their hair turned out really pretty. My mum said she was going to dye her hair colebolt blue...she will never get up the nerve.....lol

Fred said...

How fun! Your table manners look impeccable to me! heehee

Jake of Florida said...

What fun!! But humans -- especially female humans -- sure can be giggly and silly. Gotta' admit though, they all looked beautiful at the end.

Glad you got to sample some of the yummy food. A fitting reward for all your help!

Jake and Just Harry

Jake of Florida said...

What fun!! But humans -- especially female humans -- sure can be giggly and silly. Gotta' admit though, they all looked beautiful at the end.

Glad you got to sample some of the yummy food. A fitting reward for all your help!

Jake and Just Harry

Jake of Florida said...
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Urban Smoothie Read said...

nice dress asta...

my place is really hot too...juz like sahara

Jans Funny Farm said...

That looks like it was a great Sunday. You and Petey dressed for the occasion. It's a good thing you didn't get yourself dyed orange again with all that color lying around. You were a good girl. You stayed the Asta we all know and love and were very helpful.

Deetz said...

I had to come back and look at the key lime cheesecake, just one more time....I could eat the whole thing.

Kirby said...

You and Petey look just as sylish as your Mommies and Auntie Karen after their day of beauty! What a good way to stay occupied on a hot yucky day! I loe you and Petey in your matching orange outfits. Too cute!

Your pal,

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Asta,
You look real pretty in your orange dress! Oh wow, it looks like your mom and Auntie Karen are having fun!!

The Cat Realm said...

Dear Asta,
thank you so much for your condolences regarding the loss of our sweet Emil, we appreciate your coming by!
Your Sunday sure looks perfect! We were glad Spain got the title but a bit sad that the Netherlands didn't make it into the final round. You probably too - all dressed up in Oranje orange, hahahahaha!
We sure miss Emil, he was such a sweet and wonderful guy and now he is with our Anastasia...
Karl and Mrs. OZ

Myeo said...


You look beautiful in your orange dress. We thing orange is your colour.

Boy n Baby