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Monday, June 4, 2007

So it was a bootiful late spring day, and Saturday started with going to the run and playing like a maniac, then it was time to do some food shopping at the outdoor market a few blocks from our house...but after that we had to hurry and help uncle Tony and Mark set up a table of their "junk" to sell at the Jane St. fair.

Street fairs are all over NewYork City in the late spring and summer. Our far west village neighborhood holds it's fair on Jane St. which is one block from my street..anyone who puts in a request can participate, you get assigned a space on the street, which they close to traffic for the day, and then you set up a table and put out the stuff you want to sell. There's all kind of stuff, toys, clothes, jewelry, and anything else you've gotten throughout the year and don't want anymore( I guess in other places this would be a giant garage sale)

Some neighborhoods have fancy stalls with food vendors, and more commercial stuff, but we like the neighborhoodiness of ours..cause you pwetty much know everyone who comes along and there's lots of doggies too

Uncle Mark is a whizz at this and always does quite well. We just hang out and help, and gossip with everyone and bring drinks and food . It got super hot, and the nice shade went away..Mommy went home to shower and change, before she got the drinks...she got a sunburn.
I had a great time, but was exhausted by the end of the day.

The view of Jane St.
Our friends, Tony (on the left), Mark being goofy( on the right), getting ready to meet the hordes
I'm checking out the local art, I prefer my paintings heheheheheh
Two wires from the neighborhood come by to say Hi...Ruby and Chips.I'm on the stoop with Daddy, it's a convenient place to receive accolades and see evedoggie walking by

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Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

How cool that you got to meet 2 other wirey friends.

Oscar x