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Friday, August 24, 2007

HudsonWiver Walk

This was yestewday.....the wind was blowing my little eaws back,I thought they'd be pawmenently tuwned inside out.
by today of couwse it was super hot again,,,geez
I was pwetty depwessed,Mommi has been teawing her hair out with fwustwation twying to use the new pooter,none of the things she did befowe to publish will wowk, and we're sooo behind,both in posting,and in answewing our fwiends..we decided to go fow a walk along the wiver,it's acwoss fwom my house..maybe our heads would cleaw.
when I looked out acwoss the Hudson Wiver...Mommi was fwustwated, the weather was gwey and it was gloomy

All of a sudden look who I bumped into...it's my wondewful fwiend Finoula puppy....she and I play at my wun pwetty often in the evenings,but duwing the day she has a vewy nice lady dog walker,while her Mom is at wowk....we decided to walk together and talk(there was also a bit of westling and bitey face involved)
Look how bootifully she sits
Finoula and I had a gweat time..walked fow about and hour, with lots of play stops and wolling awound the gwound in between.
ByeBye evewydoggie and GG and my NOMSSF...hope you had a no fwustwation gweat day whewever you are

All in all, it wasn't such a bad walk after all


Faya said...

J'adore te voir marcher...tu es tellement petite...enfin tes pattes sont petites et tu es très gracieuse...encore une belle journée. Bisous et bon week-end à tous, Faya

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Hi Astaaaaa!!! Oh your walk was great! You met a friend! Just great! Love the photo with you looking at the camera! Cute!
Hugs!!! Have a great weekend!

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Asta, computer stuff stinks, doesn't it? I hate it when I can't get it to work properly. Hope you get it sorted you soon, we're missing you! J x

Putter said...

Hi Asta! Hi!

What a neatest ever walkie! I wished I could have beed there too!!!:))) It is so bootifullest there on the Hudson! :) I will talk to you soonest, K!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

Oh Asta, You can shake hands. You are so clever.

xxx Asta down under

Ruby Bleu said...

Oh Asta...the pooter is not supposed to be that hard :( Tell your Mom it will all work out! Hang in there!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Gus said...

Asta Sweetie: Tell Momi to find a 12 year old to help. Seriously, they know more about these ^%$$#things than we do! And they can maybe earn the helping the elderly merit badge that way! (joking, joking!)


Lorenza said...

Hi, Asta.
We can talk about computers that don't work like we want!!!
I sure hope your mom gets used to it soon!!
Seems like a good walkie meeting your friend.
Have a nice weekend

the many Bs said...

Hey Asta, what's a NOMSSF? Your poodle friend is very very pretty. If she did a blog, we would be there every day. we might even have a crush on her too! Do you know Isabella? She's a DWB and we love her. She has a LOT of dog-friends, just like you. Your walkie looked pretty fun, since you ran into her. We hope you got your ears straightened out!
We have to start planning our huge barkday party pretty soon!

Juno said...

Hi Asta... I'm glad you had a good walky!! Walking along the river and bumping into your friend sound very nice!! The weather was grey here this morning and it's still wet! Yick!!

Hope you're having a good day, sweet Asta!

Momo xoxo

Stanley said...

Hey, Sweetpea!

Thanks for giving me action shots of you on your walk. I'd follow that fuzzy butt ANYWHERE!!

Isn't it funny how a gloomy day can change instantly when you run into a friend you can share it with? That's what I like about you... you see the good stuff and go with it. (Tell your friend that she is a black beauty! Nothing as bootiful as you - but bootiful in her own way just the same).

Pooter problems are universal, but your mommi's a smarty pants so she'll get it eventually.

Wish I could have strolled along the Hudson with you. Glad you got to do it with someone else you love.

Goober love,
Your Stanley Boy

Agatha and Archie said...

Archies ears do the same thing as yours!!!! Glad it turned out to be an ok walk after all .It is too hot to do anything but eat ice cream here.LoveA+A+

Koobuss said...

Hi Asta,

What a nice walk you had along the river with your friend Finoula. She's real nice and youmlook good, too.

It's too bad your mom is having puter problems. She just has to get used to the new system. Then she'll be fine. Maybe my mom could help her if she needs it. Her email address is on my blog. Good luck to her.

Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

Joe Stains said...

who knew an apple could be so hard to figure out, they look so simple ya know. Some skin, seeds and a stem? your walk looks like there is a lot to see!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Hey, Asta, Joe Stains is right...it's just a piece of fruit; how can they make it so hard??!! Makes you just want to bite the thing! You had a fab walk. At least the sun wasn't beating down on you...sometimes grey and gloomy is good. Make sure you wear a high enough sun screen number so you don't get those pesky wrinkles. I just sun enough to work on my highlights. Thanks to ur mom for sending your pedigree. We'll compare!! Lakie licks, Lac!

ChaChi Lu said...

What a wonderful walkie you had!

~ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

leah said...

hey asta! i hope the weather gets nicer soon -- i'll be in nyc a month from today!!

-leah (tad & fig's m-in-law)

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Asta...Highlights or Scruffy...??? Just when the red was starting to come in on my black back, too. Perhaps some lemon juice could expedite things, and when I'm sunning I'll take a stroll around and set up a "hostage negotiation appt." with the toads. Oh...Mumsie went to a pawty last nite and brought you and me back some "ACCESSORIES"...if you email me your address, I will send them to you! We'll look adooorable! OK OK, back to the Scruffy hunt. Lacie

Kien said...

Hey Asta.. sorry for leaving our comment late.. as we have difficulties in loading all doggies blog.. oh.. ur walkies look fun.. and Finoula.. she looks great.. but wait. . i can't find her eyes.. she is too blackie.. hehehe..

Golden Rossi

Persephone and Buster said...

Thattagirl, Asta--A good walk on the River beats fighting with the 'puter any day! We've got a Mac, and IT IS QUIRKY!!!!

Hope you're huddling in the air-conditioning today.


Persephone & Buster

the many Bs said...

Hi Asta, We aren't sure how to make a party, but if we knew how, we would invite everydoggy & GG to our dog park. We aren't sure about a theme, other than running and barking and playing. When it's our barkdays we all get to wear our favorite bandanas, and everyone at the party could wear a special bandana. We could have a western theme because we live in the west. Our mom loves Clint Eastwood, but we can't dress up as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly because none of us are bad or ugly.

You have more friends to invite than we do. Do you know how to do this?

Max The Black Pug said...

Hi Asta!!
That looks like a great place to take a walk. My Mommy and Daddy told me that they know you and they said that you are very cute.
They told mre that they got to play with you during the summer. I wish I could meet you and we could run and play and have fun.
My Daddy said that he fixed to video on my webby site.

Doggie Kisses,