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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Faya's Super Pwesent fwom Switzerland

Hi Evewydoggie! this is my fiwst post on my new pooter..it's weally diffewent, and pawdon me fow the mistakes.

I got a vewy special ovewseas box fwom Vinnie, my mailguy......it came all the way fwom Euwope...boy am I lucky..this time it was fwom my bootiful Swiss Airegiwlfwiend FAYA!

Faya wote me the loveliest note in Fwench...luckily, my aunt Kawen has been tutowing me, and at least I can undewstand..as faw as witing and speaking it, I'm vewy bad at it still,but Faya can speak english too(she's bwilliant..besides evewydoggie in Switaewland speaks at least fouw languages) so thewe is never pwoblem communicating with each other. She thanks me fow being hew fwiend..well I THANK her for her sweet fwiendship too!
This pawtwait of FAYA is so vewy pwetty..I'm going to fwame it..isn't she a sweetie?????don't you just want to wun over and moosh her? and kiss her?
Look at this fabulous stuff...thewe awe two gowgeous bandanas,and let me tell you, the swiss cotton is ever so much softer than the cotton we have hewe, a pictuwe of Faya, and TWO super toys!
Have any of you seen a mowe bootiful collar????it's the pwettiest wed leather with the Suisse white cwoss all over it..I'm so pwoud to weaw it..evewydoggie asks me on the sweet where I got it..I think it's simply bootiful..I think Ill either altewnate it with my owange one,or weaw them both,hehehe
As you can see, these awe super special GOUWMET bones fwom Switzewland..let me tell you doggies, they suwe know how to make bones extwa special yummy there..I think they mawinate it in a secwet sauce...miammmmm,miammmmmm!
Have you noticed the pawfect coowdination of the toy with my new collaw???
I was playing so hawd with my new toys,that Mommi couldn't wowk the camewa fast enough...I was twiwiling awound evewy which way
This magic ball is amazing...it bounces, it's a gweat chewy,it has the bestest colors all over,and I think it even cleans my teefies(so soes that mean I can skip my toofbwushing now???)
Thank you! Merci mon ami! I wish I could wun over to your bootiful countwy..my Mommi told me it was the pwettiest ever, and play with you and give you thankful smoochie kisses et groses bisou!!!! muwahhhhhh!


Gus said...

Good Job for your first post sweetie! I hope you and Faya can meet up sometime soon. Me and Muzzer want to visit Jackson and some others, so we are saving our money and planning a trip on the QE2. Do you think if we got a group together, they might give us special rates! We could have a DWB cruise!

Anyway, those are the loveliest pressies, and I know that every time you see them or wear them, you will think sweetly of your friend Faya!

Ruby Bleu said...

wow...that is a bootiful collar Asta!!! Faya is such a special girl!!!
Lots of licks, Ruby

Faya said...

Youpiiiiieeee ! Tu féliciteras ta mamy pour avoir si vite appris le MAC.... Et je suis contente que mon paquet soit bien arrivé... Le drapeau suisse est rouge et non orange mais le rouge te va très bien aussi. Gros bisous à toi, ton amie Faya

DK & The Fluffies said...

What cool stuff! We'll have to be sure you get to participate in Secret Paws this winter!

Duke said...

I totally have to agree with you on that wonderful Swiss cotton! Mitch and I have been wearing the bandanas that Faya gave us and they are the softest ever!
Faya is such a generous friend!

Love ya lots,

Koobuss said...

What bootiful presents, Asta! That ball looks really cool! And those bones!!! My absoulte favorists things in the whole wide world! YUMMY!!!

What a good friend Faya is!!

Lots of Koobuss Kissses,
Your friend Koobie

wally said...

Asta--Those are some GREAT prezzies and I love that collar on you. Fetching!


Agatha and Archie said...

Welcome back little one, Smashing collar!! It's you!! Hope you like the new pooter. Love A+A

Stanley said...


That Faya sure is a honey, isn't she? And, she always gives the coolest scarves. You look like a Swiss Army dog in your new collar (bootiful), and the color coordination of the pressies is quite amazing!

Are you liking your new pooter? I hope so. You did a great first post!

Love that last photo of you. Could you teach me French? It IS the language of love...

Gooberlicious love & kisses,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Asta.
Faya is a good friend sending you all those presents.
Yes, her picture deserves to be framed!
Yummy treats and great toys!
Enjoy them!
Have a good night

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Asta, my bwooooteful cousin!! You're back! Try a little caramel dip with the apple; YUM! That Faya is something. You get the best prezzies, u lucky dog!
Pawsitivly smitten barks,

Anonymous said...

Asta i love your new red collar! it's so striking your pretty self would stand out even more :)

the gourmet bones aressslrrrruuurrrrp sorry it couldn't stop drooling. they look so yummy!

how is the new pooter treating you? :) which apple is it?


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Faya is such a good friend to send you all those lovely gifts. Do you like your new pooter?

~ Girl girl

Simba and Jazzi said...

My what big teeth you have. Great presents, are the swiss dog treats made from swiss dogs?

Simba xx

Kien said...

wow.. Asta.. good stuffs there!.. especially that bones!..hehehe..

Golden Rossi

Urban Smoothie Read said...

ur new ball looks cute....colourful wit so many spike...
becareful not 2 get poke!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Asta, I know you were blogging after midnight last nite...I'm exhausted...are you? A girl needs her beauty rest...And I got up AGAIN at 4:30 AM to hunt toads. I think I'm addicted. I wanted to see if I could find Toady and Toadster and hear more about their wedding. I bet Toady was a beeeyuuutiful bride!
Sleepy Lakie licks, Lacie

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Asta, did you say see if we could still be in love?????? Send the geneology quick!!! The Scruffster!

Frasier said...

Hi Asta
Thats a great collar !Nice pressies too.
Mommy is trying to learn French...she says its sounds pretty and she goes thro Paris on her way to India and plans on stopping the next time!

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Asta, what lovely gifts! I thought orange was your special colour, but you look pretty spiffing in red too! J x

PreciOus said...

Hi Asta! Welcome back! Your pressie from sweet Faya is fabulous! The red collor looks really pretty on you. =)


QQ said...
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fee said...

hi asta! is the ball really also a toofbrush? mom got me a talking ball last week to make up for leaving me alone at home while she and dad went out with the gramps every day. it lasted all of 20 minutes!

and welcome to the world of mac – not donald's!!! it takes a little bit of getting used to but you'll soon find that it's much more user-friendly and reliable than a normal pooter. it works best with the firefox browser so if you're using internet explorer and getting problems (not being able to load or view stuff), you may want to consider switching. happy exploring!

ps: i just realised that you've awarded me the rockin' dog blogger award! yippee!!! another nice button to put in my page! thank you! thank you!

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

What a lucky pup you are Asta. Faya and her mum are so nice.

Katy x

Sophie Brador said...

If you come to Montreal, we'd all be happy to speak French to you. And it's a wee bit closer to NY.

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

Gweat Pwezzies, Thin Twin,

And, it's almost your bawkday!

xxx Asta down under

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Asta,
those bones are looking sooo fine..I wanna chomp down on them through the laptop. LOL!

Murphey said...

Wow, taht red thingamabobbie looks like something I would LOVVVVE to destroy. Cool!


the many Bs said...

Congrats on your new computer. You sure got some nice pressies.

Putter said...

Hi Asta! Hi!

WOW! What a neato pressie from our sweet friend, Faya! :)

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Goofy said...

Cool stuffs u got there!!!