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Thursday, February 17, 2011


 befowe we stawt the festivities, Please go hewe to Sunny and Scootew and Bentley's bloggie fow some vewy impawtant infowmation that might change all ouw lives fow the wowse.  Pleeez go wead it!!!!!!!!!






(photo by Lacie)

thewe awe delectable eatables fow all
and the cellaw is well stocked wif dwinkables of all sowts(all childwen will please wefwain fwom dwinking alcohol..we have lovely cidew fow  the young ones)
thewe will be entewtainments of evewy sowt
(Scruffy sent me this pictoowe  of Mango dwessed as a Jestew wif Lacie' as his puppet...somehow I doubt it's authentic, but I could be wong)

aftew the banquet tomowwow , thewe will be jousting touwnaments and of couwse dancing, but fiwst let us welcome some of the guests
who awe coming fwom faw and wide

hewe is Siw Awchie of Boston

and my vewy own Siw Gustav of Viw Geena
My Co-hostess Queen Lace-Mowgan is weady to weceive the guests

Siw Oskaw Hoewauf is widing up to the castle in gweat haste

he met up wif siw Jake, and Siw Scootew in his helmet as well as Lady Sunny and siw Bentley-Gewowge and Siw JustHawwy
meanwhile Lady Fewgie,Lady Teka and Lady Sally wealized how late it was getting and stopped theiw fwolicking in the fields to run up to the castle too

Siw Doyle and Lady Mollie  bof of Auckland NewZealand have come all the way acwoss the geat seas and awe waiting in the Castle aweady
we even have the wise council of The vewy old deew Winston

 and the gweat hall is buzzing wif excitement as we await the Biwfday kids

Lady Fewgie changed into hew velvet finewy and I'm shawing a laugh wif hew as Lady agatha is twying to laugh off the fact that she has the exact same dwess on as Lady Mollie of NewZealand..Siw Scwuffy is twying to calm down hew hystewia as Siw Jake of TwoSPecialWIwes, Lady Stanzie wif hew bwuddew Siw Wyatt, and Lady Jane of HollyJane look on in bafflement
of couwse Wise old winston takes it all in stwide

of couwse the moosicians awe wawming up..led by that incwedibull DJ PEPSI
(he spun the wecowds at last weeks pawty at Aliens' Castle on the planet Hicbaw..this of couwse will be a new challenge , but I know Pepsi can handle any kind of moosic )
Someone has spotted  Katie-Vewe and Bewtie-Lot  appwoaching the castle  evewyone hide and when they awwive , jump out and yell SUWPWISE!

Let the Pawty BEGIN!!!!!
Come to the gweat hall evewyone

 gathered awound the Biwfday cake in the shape of a castle to greet the Biwfday kids awe
back wow:
Asta,Gussie,Bocci,Fenris,George the lad,Eric
 fwont wow:
Thundew,Awchie,Doyle,Mollie,Lacie,Frankie,Pip,Phantom and Ciawa

we will have mowe guests and ouw scwibes awe wowking at maximum speed to bwing you the pictoowes and tales doowing the west of the weekend celebwations!
Eat, Dwink and Be Mewwy!!!!
Happy Biwfday Katie and Bewtie!!!
smoochie kisses


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

OMD, this is going to be one awesome party - look at all those beautiful ladies all dressed in gorgeous gowns. We can't wait to be entertained by Jester Mango. And Khyra has some great dishes planned there. Pepsi did such an outstanding job at the last party, we just know the place will be rocking with his music selections.

Thanks for letting us come too.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

We are on our way, Mom has been busy on the phone and didn't even notice all 3 of us leave...that wirey new boy got his way...he is coming
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y'ALL and we are on our way!

Deetz said...

We're are back, Ms. Asta
We sure missed seeing your precious face and reading your posts.....Happy Times Ahead.

AFSocksScylla said...

Thanks for helping me find something to wear Asta, and I see my lovely lady Ciara is here. I am going to ask her to dance. Doesn't she look divine in blue? ~Fenris

Hollie and Janie said...

You all look so gorgeous in those divine costumes!! It's all so romantic!! I can't wait for the party to start!!

Jake of Florida said...

We are so distressed. We're dying to come to the pawty -- but we have nothing to wear. Nekkid amidst all that finery would be too too embarrassing. Do you think anyone could loan us caps and breeches? Woe is us otherwise.

Sad woreu woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

AFSocksScylla said...

Ciara dances divinely. Now I has to find us something to drink and eat, as we have worked up an appetite. ~Fenris

George The Lad said...

Wow I just love castles, there always full of steps lol1!!
Anyways lets get the beer open and then to find the birthday boy, and birthday girl.

AFSocksScylla said...

Hi Bertie & Katie, Happiest of Birthdays. Hope you are both enjoying the party.

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Sunny:Well it is great to be here in this lovely castle(NO THANKS TO YOU SCOOTER!)
Scooter:hayhayhay ok anok I dided gitses u heer!
Bentley George: WOW Look at all the wirey guys an girls!!! Yo, look. Theres George!
Sunny: Hey y'all all behave and don't embarrass me, after all we are here to tellKatie and Bertie Happy, happy, birthday!

Asta said...

I'm so glad you'we all hewe I hope the west of the guests stop being shy and mingle
Did you taste that woasted wild boaw???
I had no idea Khywa was such a mawvelous cheffess
I do think all those knights awe a wondewful sight don't you Fewgie?

Lady Jane, whewe did you get that lovely dwess?

Honestly Agatha, I think yhou'll have to change..Mollie stole youw look, hehehehehe
going fow a dance wif Siw Gustav!

TwoSpecialWires said...

We made it! Finally! Jake slipped in the mud climbing a hill ... it was quite a morning ... and then he got lost trying to find Lady Sally. Thank dogness we girls had our senses about us and gathered her up (oh, the wonders of Skype!) and we even had time to play and frolic in the dales and moors. Thanks to the great A Roam Ahs coming from the Khyra's kitchen, we knew just which way to proceed! And we MADE it! What a beautiful castle! What a great venue for a party! We can hardly wait to see the birthday kids! This is gonna be FABULOUS!

We're so happy!
Lady Fergi and her now cleaned up brother, Sir Jake

Asta said...

Lady Fewgie
Siw Jake looks most handsome..I would nevew have known he fell in the mud..thank dog fow that cleew spwing whewe he could clean up..I'm so glad Lady Sally was able to join us

These smell, ummm, I mean fwagwances awe dwiving me cwazy, heheh
smoochie kisses

WFT Nobby said...

Oh this is all so incredible I am feeling a little overwhelmed. (I do hope Katie has not noticed that I'm nervous. Oh and how do you cock your leg when wearing armour, by the way?)
I am so honoured that so many fine gentlemen and lady dogs are here to meet me. What amazing costumes too! (Especially Mango's....)
But none are more beautiful than my Lady Katie-vere of course.
Well,oh my. I just need a little more time to take it all in.
Toodle pip!
PS Er, is it rude, Gail, to ask when the eating starts?
Oh, it is apparently. Are you sure? That food looks SO YUMMY.

Jake of Florida said...

We never looked/felt finer -- except perhaps at a certain wedding in Scotland -- and on horseback, too!!! How absolutely exciting. Do you think any of the fine ladies present might share a bit of spirits with us????

Sir J and Sir JH

Asta said...

Dawling Bewtie-lot
This is youw Biwfday and given the behaviow of some of the knights, I say Dig in!!! I'm suwe LLKatievewe would love to shawe a dwumstick wif you

(Mommi does say she oves youw good mannews and says Gail taught you so well)

Asta said...

Siw Jake and Just Hawwy
I'm suwe that sevewal of the lovely ladies would be honowed to shawe some spiwits wif you handsome knights

now whewe did Lacie go????

TwoSpecialWires said...

We had to go back and make sure that Sir Jake and Sir JH were, indeed clothed! We knew we'd seen them arrive on horseback, but when they mentioned "no appropriate attire", we thought perhaps they were ... well ... you know (blush). Thank dogness we were wrong! (They DO look handsome! As do all the fellas in red capes!)

Loving every moment...
Lady Fergi

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

What a fabulous party and look at all those costumes. That castle is so full of character and just right for this party. Magical.. Hugs GJ xx

Dexter said...

That Lacie puppet is freaking me out, but damn if I don't look stunning in tights.


Eric said...

I'm quite merry Asta sweet pea! Fancy sharing another horn of mead with me? Some of my pie? Made it myself! Though Khyra's food looks dogalicious. Anyways. I made a bunny pie with a puff pastry top... don't the earses look kind of cute sticking through the pastry? Better put a napkin over that pretty velvet frocksie of your's Asta.Everydoggie looks super smashing don't they? Though I'm with Bertie,cocking my leg wearing armour isn't easy peasy.

Toast to Bertie and dearest cousin Katie- happy barkday square cousin's!

Wiry love n kisses Eric xxx

Hollie and Janie said...

Oh, asta!!
My dress is just gorgeous! I love it so much!! I'm so honored to be a guest and I'm having just the best time ever! cheers!!! I can't wait for dinner and dancing!!
Lady Janie

Jake of Florida said...

Do you think Pepsi would mind if we barked a few bars with him. JH will hit high C with no trouble at all and I'm down around low low G when I'm in form. Although we do our best harmonizing at 6am, we'll give it a try now to get everydog in the mood -- or not!

Those are authentic wirey woofs you're heating, folks!

Jake and Just Harry

doyle and mollie said...

aw agatha who would have known my seamstress in new zealand would dream up the exact creation as you but how fun is that we can pretend to be sisters, you never know my brother doyle could take a shine to you too... ah the fun of it all everyone is so glamourous and the boys are taking my breath away... must dash over and taste the boar.... khyra has outdown herself once again and asta truely is the bestest hostess ever!

AFSocksScylla said...

Mango, BOL you look BAD Dude in a totally good way.

Khyra, this food is delicious, may I have another drumstick.

Asta, you look stunning as always. ~Fenris

AFSocksScylla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AFSocksScylla said...

GJ, Hi pal the cats are here somewhere. They are kinda shy around all these doggies. But they did come to wish Bertie & Katie a Happy Birthday. They may have popped back home. I have been hanging out with Ciara.~Fenris

3 doxies said...

Bwhahahaha...I is cracking up overs da fotos aSTA! OMD< mango and Pepsi...hehehehehe!

Oh I is so happy yu invited me!

Ummmm where is da bar? ANd I needs a chandeleir to swing from, it's what I do.



Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Lady Lacie, Queen Morgan here...yes, bow to me...curtsie...yes yes yes...


Don't you boyz know about the Flipper on your armor??? It's like a flip phone...you flip, you aim and ya flip back...sheesch...at least I'm a student nurse and very professional about this stuff...but I didn't want you dogs to um RUST.

Lady Khyra seems to have been doing quite a bit of sampling of the meatballs or whatever she's cookin'...she seems to be bustin' outta her bodice!!

Don't Bertie and Katie look dreamy?? But, Sir Butcho looks a bit nervous....she is still pretty young. (Lacie hisses a bit, totally jelly, but refooses to admit it...)

Now, Asta...can you PLEASE get me off Mango's stoopid arm...he's pretending he knows how to be a VEN TRILL O QUIST and he's making me talk and say stoopid things like, "My butt is hoooge....
and "Mango should never marry...."

Curtsies to you for your hospitality....back soonest, after I change my dress...I might try some of that armor....


doyle and mollie said...

aw i forgots to mention too that i am sure lacie whispered in my ear while we were standing together by the cake that she has some medievil cocktails planned... i asked doyle whether that was bad medicine for a rooster's back end but he just gave me the stoopid sister look and wandered off to sniff the ladies WTD...

AFSocksScylla said...

I should be a very good dog tonight as I am a very tired dog. Boy can Ciara dance. I think I'll see if I can ride one of those horses. It shouldn't be too hard should it? ~Fenris

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Yes...um Asta...where IS the electrical outlet for the blender??


ASTA!!!!!!! There IS electricity in Camelot, isn't there??? I mean, do we HAVE to hook Mango up to one of those things where he walks in a circle like a donkey to generate power for my blender??????

Sheesch...perhaps the good old dayz are harder than I thought...

Old Soul and I have a DATE lined up...he's just a doll!!



AFSocksScylla said...

No Electricity!!!!!!!! Does that mean I will have to sleep in the dark? Yikes. Guess I will curl up and go to sleep now. I'll see you in the morning. Ciara wanna come snuggle with me? ~Fenris

Charlie said...

What a great party! I'm going to help Khyra in the kitchen. I'll taste everything to make sure it's ok!!
- Charlie

Asta said...

I think we should give a big hand to ouw Cook Khywa
This food is absolutley mawvelous.
I hope evewyone gets lots of west tonight cause tomowwow is the jousting competition.
we also have a hike led by Bewtielot
what a day

Winston said...

Oh Lady Asta. Goodness gracious. The trip to Camelot has made me weary, but the return to my homeland is simply divine. Thank you for allowing me to come. The plains and forests. The grandeur and chivalry and courtesy. It's just as I remember. Perhaps I'll share a cup of tea with the Lady Lacie at the Roundtable ... word has been passed that she is interested ... and then I'll rest my tired and wheeless legs. I'm sure many adventures lie ahead. For now I'm rather sleepy. There must be a quiet place to retire ... I'll let the young ones celebrate and I will pass my birthday wishes forward when I awaken.

So pleased to be here ...
Sir Winston (the wheelie great great grandone to Merlin)

Asta said...

Siw Winston
It has been such an honow to have you gwace us wif youw pwesence and wisdom.
I am so pleased that all is as you wemembew..It is a mpst Bootiful land and I must say, I would happily stay if I could.
The Lady Lacie did ask about you and I told hew she must be on hew best behaviow if she is to have a moment to shawe wif you.
Tea sounds just the thing..pawhaps an infoosion of fwagwant hewbs that we gathewed eawliew .
I have a lovely woom fow you wif a most comfowtable bed . The cuwtains should keep the dwafts out and I've wawmed the sheets wif coal fwom the fiweplace.
I bid you sweet dweams
Tomowwow should be anothew gwand day
youw sewvant

Juno said...

Sissy Asta!! What a pawty!! Many many happy faces, pretty dresses and food!!!

Momo and Pinot xoxoxo

WFT Nobby said...

Oh Katie, that drumstick we shared was extra specially delicious! Oh and you do look so beautiful. But, er, please will you excuse me a minute? I must have a quiet word with Eric and Asta.

Uncle Eric, about this flap thing. Houston we have a problem. (What's an anachronism Gail?) You see the flap seem to be on the right side, but I only ever lift my left leg. So every time I try to release a bit of that mead (which I believe is a diuretic) I fall over. I do hope Katie hasn't seen, it's so emarrassing.

And Asta, about this hike. With all due respect to my wonderful party hostess, do you really think this is a good idea? It's just that I'm remembering what happened on a certain geological field trip last Autumn (and the dogs were all sober then, at least at the start...

Oh, I must go back to Katie. I see Mango is approaching her...

Asta said...

DEawest Bewtilot
The ide fow that hike was simpluy fow you and Kakie such young and fit /examplle of the pwopew young nobility,,we wee simply twyng to pleez you, if you have othew pwefewences pleeas speak up my deaws
This is meant to bwing you to happiness that you will wemembew fuwwevew..a Fist Birfday is a momentous occasion. We just want to be pawt of the celebwations, but up get to tell us wht you would like to do
smoochie nitenite kisses now
sweet dwems
(curstsy) Lady Asta

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday to the two honorees!! Looks like it was a fab fest!!
BabyRocketDog and Hootie

Alien said...

Happy Birthday!


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Trust me, Winston's chambers were not cold last night, I'm just sayin'...tea, my paw...

These melted smoothies aren't bad...I pour the ingredients into one of those shaker things and give it to Scruffy...tell him it's a stuffie...

I think he shook what few brains he has out last night...

Curtsies and Curtseys...dunno how to spell it...

Lady Queen Lacie

Wyatt said...

That is too funny!! Thanks for loaning us such delightful costumes!!

Wyatt and Stanzie

Oskar said...

Man my hiney hurts! Those horses are rough.

All of you ladies are looking devastatingly lovely, as usual.

Thank you for including me in the pawty!

Nubbin wiggles,

Agatha and Archie said...

I KNEW IT I KNEW IT IKNEW IT I KNEW IT WASN"T AN ORIGINAL CAMELT DRESS oh well what can I do... Archie is taking this JUST a little too seriously... He is playing WITH BOWS AND AROWS WITHOUT HIS GLASSES(who knw he had glasses>) I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for more Love Lady Ags and her brother Sir(snort) Arch

Gus said...

Oh My...Muzzer leaves town and see how far behind I get! I wanted to thank you and your scribes for the tremendous amount of work you are putting into this pawty. And Lady Khyra and the cooking crew too. Yummmm


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

I so hope evFURRYpup enjoyed our khreative khatering!

Of khourse, I do hold to the khoncept of fur being a khondiment!