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Friday, June 11, 2010

Agatha and Archie's Birthday and Asta'sDill Emma

Hi DeewFwiendses

Today was Agatha and Awchie's Biwfday and of couwse also the fiwst day of the Wowld Cup in Souf Afwica

bof vewy impawtant events, well, maybe the wowld cup is not quite as impawtant as the nudnicks' Biwf, but  it is something to celebwate

as I was walking in my neighbowhood , and saw that evewy little take out place and westauwant had TVs out wif hoomans watching the game between Souf Afwica and Mexico(YEAH Lowenza! YEAH king Toffee and Tammy giwl!)

it occoowed to me, that I could maybe combine the two events

Agatha and Awchie awe vewy athletic(well Aggie is and Awchie is a gweat coach) sooooo
I decided to invite them fow a fwiendly game of soccew befowe feasting on cake and pizza and cake and cheese and peamut buttew  tweats

Natoowally, as soon as we stawted playing, , my BFF Lacie showed up 

Lacie would have had gweat fowm, but she twipped me and kicked the ball into Aggie's middle (I'm not shoowe she appweciated that the celebwation was not about hew)..Awchie kept blowing his Vuhuzela and was sowt of oblivious to the west

It all tuwned out Ok in the end and a wondewful celebwation was had by all

now hewe is my Dill Emma

as you know, I'm a happy- go- lucky fwiendly giwl who loves evewyone

(hewe, come closew so I can give you a smoochie, SMACK!)

and I'm Amewican  wif a Hungawian Mommi(Hungawy  didn't qualify boo hoo) and a Daddi who is Dutch and Swiss and  of couwse I love England, and Fwance and Italy and Mexico and SOUF AFWICA,and Ostwalia!,NewZealand, Japan and my Gwammpa on Mommi's side was cwazy about a mistew named Pele fwom Bwazil and Mommi got to meet his daughter when she lived in ouw building and they wewe bof doing laundwy
(but I digwess)

the point is..I will be wooting fow evewyone..I know it's not the done thing, but thewe it is..I simply can't  woot against anyone

a billion countwies awe in the wowld cup and I have fwiends in a million of them
I want all of them to win, and be happy and I just can't choose who to woot fow..
You can see  MaxMom's blog fow all the pawticipating doggies and the countwies  they wepwesent
on hew spectacoolaw Wowld Cup  Celebwation on Living Life to the Max
make suwe you visit..you won't be disappointed by the sights  and celebwations.

So join me in wishing Agatha and Awchie a wondewful Biwfday!!!!!
and watch the games and have fun 

smoochie kisses


Golden Samantha said...

Happy, happy Birfday, Archie and Agatha - you jocks, you!!! We are having a terrifically tough time deciding who to root for- today's game was gripping!!! Can't wait to hear about the other games (hard to watch with busyness around here!) - You are just so lovely Asta!
Big Hugs xoxoxo
Sammie and Avalon

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Happy Happy Barkday to Agatha and Archie. Y'all are very good soccer players.
Sally Ann

Lorenza said...

Hi, Asta!
Happy Birthday to Agatha and Archie!
Sure you had a pawesome celebration for them!
I understand you are rooting for all the teams! It is not easy just one due to all our friends around the world, right?
Here in my house we were happy for the result of our game.
We did not want Mexico to lose. And we did not want South Africa to lose neither!
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh, Asta! I just luvs that you're rooting for everybuddy! Wouldn't it be Most Wonderful if everybuddy WON? (Although I don't think it actually works that way, do you?)

Happy, happy birthday to your dear furends. I don't know them so I might just have to pops my head in and introduce myself and tell them in pawson!

Wiggles & Wags,

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh Asta...what do ya mean I kicked the ball into Aggie's middle??? Um...does that mean I kicked her in the tummy? And all the air went outta er like a balloon?? Hmm...or is it some sorta soccer term? Poor Aggie...I better go and a polly gise if I hurt her...and it's her barkday too...Lacie thinks about sobbing but quickly changes her mind as she's too egocentric to worry for too long...

As for you dilly pickle DILL EMMA?

We have too many friends...and since you can never have too many friends, it's not a dilly emma is it? Hmm...that sounds like the inspiration for a new smoothie...

OK...Scruffy has managed to chew half his dressing off...(Bruvver took off his cone..) so I guess I'll go and watch Mumsie cut the rest off while he bites her...oh this oughta be rich...

Kissed, dear girlie...


Um pee ess...which goal is ours???

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Just enjoy ALL of the fun!

Maybe woo should just cheer fur the orange teams!

I visited A&A's bloggie!


Koobuss said...

Oh boy, what an event that is!! And the soccer tournament is pretty big, too.

Happy Birthday to Aggie and Archie!! They sure picked a good time to be borned.

And since I and all my family is American, all I can say is, "GO USA!!!"

Love and Lots of Koobuss Kisses,
Kousin Koobie

the many Bs said...

hi Asta, we think that you have the right attitude. we aren't rooting for any special team either. they are all wonderful and we want them all to win. we think everyone is a winner in our eyes, especially me, Bailey, since i play soccer too.


Noah the Airedale said...

Happy birthday Aggie & Archie from your pals the Leuradales.

Now Asta, my pinky D gave you're mummy & daddy stricked instructions that if they were going to support another team other than the USA it had to be Australia. Now see that, in one fowl swoop we solved your dilemma whaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaa.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Noah the Airedale said...

Happy birthday Aggie & Archie from your pals the Leuradales.

Now Asta, my pinky D gave you're mummy & daddy stricked instructions that if they were going to support another team other than the USA it had to be Australia. Now see that, in one fowl swoop we solved your dilemma whaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaa.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Scout and Freyja said...

Happy Birthdays all around! Great post on the world cup. You rock!

WFT Nobby said...

Oh Asta it was so nice to wake up to your lovely smoochie kiss this morning! And Happy Birthday A+A - I do hope their Mom sorts out those nasty computer problems soon.
Don't you all look smashing in your 'soccer' kit? I can so understand your dilemma. As you know, after an 'agreement' with Gail, I am supporting England this evening, but (and shhhh don't tell Gail) I would be quite happy to see the USA do well too, as I have so many lovely friends over there (as does Gail, but humans seem to forget about this sort of thing when the World Cup is on!)
Toodle pip!

Molly the Airedale said...

Happy birthday to Agatha and Archie!
We're not rooting for any team in particular either, Asta! We're just enjoying all of the entertainment and action!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Agatha and Archie said...

Darling girl, thank you for the bd wishes. Pl2 hijacked Pl1s pooter. Wait till you hear why her pooter is broken!!! Archie can't stop laughing and he also won't stop blowing that stupid thing in everyones ear. We are with you and will root for everyone!!!MUAHHHHHHHH Love A and A

George The Lad said...

Hi Asta
Happy b/bay to Agatha and Archie sorry to hear about there pooie probs, mom and me don't mind who wins its the taking part that counts, and the world is a smaller place with the web, so we are all rainbow nations
See Yea George xxx

Dexter said...

Well, if you cheer on everybody then you will be happy no matter what happens and that seems consistent with your nature.


Pandafur said...

Happy barkday to Archie an Agatha. I thinks its good to cheer for efurryone acuz then your team iz teh winner no matta wat!

Maxmom said...

Hey there Asta Sweety
What a fabulous post!!!
You have really conveyed the idea of "UNITY IN DIVERSITY".
I am so, so happy that you are my friend too.
Happy Barkday to your special friends and thank you for a beautiful post!
Sending lotsaluv to you!

Gus said...

A COMMENT< A COMMENT!!!! OMD.....now I forgot what I was gonna say. Thank you Bloggie, thank you Astarooni, thank you Dog!

Oh yeah.

Have a great weekend.


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Happy Birthday to Agatha and Archie. We hope they have a wonderful game. And the best of luck to all the participating teams.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Scout and Freyja said...

We just had to come back to see your adorable face!

Today we are cheering for the USA with big barks and wagging tails. And, today we cheer for UNITY in DIVERSITY because underneath it all - we are all citizens of this big, wonderful world of ours! We are PURRoud to call Asta 'FURend'.

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Happy Berfday to Agatha and Archie!! That looks like a very exciting game that you all had!!

Happy weekend!

Woofs and Kisses
The Fiesty Three

3 doxies said...

I'm withs you on da rooting dilly pickle. Furst, I was like I'll pull fur this team then i thoughts nay l pull this team...then round and round I went. So i just decided to root fur who ever has da prettiest uniforms....hehehe. I like reds so I hopes the red team wins. But then again, I likes pink too...but, I'm seriously hopeing nobuddy is wearing pink...hahaha. Oh dear, coulds you imagine that.
Happy Birfday to you dearly loved furiends. I hopes they is having a great time.

the magic sleigh said...

Woooos Asta! Happy Barkday to Agatha and Archie! I love how woo decided who to root fur! I decided the same as woo, all of our friends!!!!!
Wooooos! Go everyone!!!!!

~husky kisses~
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Bocci said...

Oh Asta, I love it when you digwess! It always makes it even more interesting!

Happy Birthday to Agatha and Archie! Hey you guys, what day is your birthday? Mine was June 6th!

Your buddy,

Eric said...

Happy Barkday to my square cousins. And thank you for the kisses cousin. I took two and another twenty on top.That ok?

Did you see me playing footie today Asta? And Lacie in goal? Thank dog we drew. I did a nice drawing of barkday cake for A & A and Lacie drew them a barkday bevvy teeeheeee!!!

Wiry love and kisses Eric xxxx

Teddy said...

Asta, I'm sure you'll find a team to root for as you start watching. If you follow my mom, she will pick the team with the handsomest players and root for them (hee hee).

Your blog background is beautiful, by the way!

Juno said...

Hi Asta and Happy Birthday Agatha and Archie!!! You're so right. Our hearts go for all counties on World Cup. We're so happy to have met friends from all over the world including off course you!

Momo & Pinot

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Happy Birthday to Agatha and Archie!

Thank you for the smoochie kisses Asta! My mom especially needed it! Smoochie kisses back to you!

Mack said...

I LOVE soccer! Your game looked really fun. That is until Lacie started acting up!


Joe Stains said...

I like everyone too but Mom and Dad are cheering for the Dutch just because they like to go there and eat all their cheese and drink their beer. Ah they are simple folk my Ma and Pa. LOL

Martha said...

Hi Asta
Happy Barkday to Agatha and Archie!
We loved your football post - we had no idea that Lacie was such a skilled footballer - we trust there were no fouls!
We like your idea of supporting everyone and we do the same.
We want everyone to enjoy the game - we ourselves are happy to join in the eating and drinking!
Hope you are having a great weekend.
Martha and Bailey xxxx

TwoSpecialWires said...

Now we KNOW we've been gone too long. TOO TOO LONG! Not only have we missed Agatha and Archie's birthdays, but we've missed the beginning of the World Cup games. Oh dear. Will we ever catch up?

We'd better get busy.

Be back later,
Jake and Fergi xxoo