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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving in Boo da Pest

I hope all of you had a safe and delishuss Thanksgiving weekend wif fwiends and family 

We wewe sad to be so faw away fwom evewyone we oosually celebwated wif, but Mommi and Daddi wewe detewmined to have a Thanksgiving dinnew, even though in Boo da Pest, this was just anothew thuwsday 

my favowite cafe still has an outdoow stand even though it's now cold outside, but you can gwab a coffee ow sweet on youw walkies if you want, so we did, on ouw way to the mawket hall

When Mommi found these, she knew that she coold make ouw twadishunal dinnew fow fwiends, she also found sweet potatoes(not oosual hewe), and tuwkey and all the othew Thanksgivingy stuffs

I was called fwom my nap to help in the kitchen and wan wight in...i was weady!

we had six lovely hoomans and Mawci my little Westie fwiend come to dinnew
fow all of them, except fow auntie Juli, this was new and stwange foods, but I think they enjoyed it and got into the spiwit of things

it was a lovely evening and I think a big success fow ouw fiwst evew Boo da Pest 

 Daddi had to be cweative wif the twenty pound tuwkey(the smallest one he found) and ouw tiny oven, but he did it and it was juicy and cwisp all in the wight places
( I of couwse had to taste test evewything..and befowe you say anything, I only had tiny bits and nothing that was dangewoos fow doggies)

 I hope you can see and enjoy my smileybox

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smoochie kisses



WFT Nobby said...

I know it's late but Happy Thanksgiving anyway. Didn't Mommi and Daddi do well to find all the ingredients for such a splendid feast, despite our tiny little European ovens. (Gail tells me she couldn't believe the size of all the ovens and fridges and washing machines when she worked in Oklahoma - before then she thought it was only the cars that were bigger in the USA.)
Oh and Asta you do look adorable in your orange ribbon tie - no wonder you were such a hit with Mawcie's Dad.
Toodle pip!

Unknown said...

We hope you had a brilliant day and that you enjoyed the turkey. Hope all is well in your world. Have a super Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Your mummy and daddy made a realy special Thanksgiving and the smilebox showed how much everyone enjoyed it.. I loved sharing in your happy day.. Hugs GJ xx

Cowspotdog said...

how pawsome that you got a traditional thanksgiving with turkey and all the goodies - you might start a whole new trend there

rottrover said...

Oh Asta! You and mommi and daddi put on the most beautiful dinner parties! Happy Thanksgiving!

-Bart and Ruby

Ruby said...

OMD! Your peeps really know how to put on a spread!! Ma and I watch House Hunter's International, and am always impressed and surprised on how small the appliances are in Europe. I am amazed your Pops got the turkey in there! Good Job!
It looks like every one had a Fantastic time, and oh, the leftovers are the BEST!! So glad you had a great Thanksgiving Asta!!


Anonymous said...

Oh thank you for sharing! I feel as though I were there.
Happy days to all.

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Happy thanksgivng Asta. You looked very pretty in your orange ribbon, you matched the pie. I hope you got some of everything, just for quality control reasons!

Glad you all had a lovely time with friends and nice food.. What could be better?
~Lickies, Ludo

tubby3pug said...

We are glad to hear from you and happy belated thanks giving. ARent out door cafes the best

urban hounds

Tama-Chan, Benny, Momo, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Sometimes, spending these holidays in faraway places makes them even more special.

Interesting about the turkey. Here in France, it's difficult to find a turkey that's even 15lbs! They're all smaller than that!


Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Wow! What a feast. Glad you got to try some.

It was just another Thursday, here.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Gus said...

Wowser! that all looks delicious. We know everyone had a delicious dinner and a wonderful time!

Hope you are enjoying the leftovers. Great smilebox.


Anonymous said...

You can't have a Thanksgiving without those cranberries!!! We miss you in NYC though :)



Glad you had a good Budapest Thanksgiving.

Essex & Sherman

Millie and Walter said...

Happy Thanksgiving Asta! How fun that you were able to have all the traditional fixings and share that with your friends.

Cindy & Millie

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! You 1st Thanksgiving at Boo da Pest ... still get to enjoy traditions. Did you miss the Macy's parade? Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Mickey's Musings said...

What wonderful pictures! We are happy you could have a traditional Thanksgiving in Budapest :)
Good that you got to taste test Asta ;)
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

The Florida Furkids said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We're glad your Daddi got the turkey into the oven!!

The Florida Furkids

Two Schnauzers from New England said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and your family, Asta. Mama really liked the smile box but had to play it backwards to see all of the pictures. Silly Mama!

Kaci and I had fun chasing each other around the house. We love to drive Mama crazy.

Love -

Hershey and Kaci

Lucy-Fur, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Miss Asta! It looks like you and your parents had a great time! And OF COURSE you taste-tested everything. I mean, that's a Thanksgiving tradition! We had ham, and we made sure that Mom had cooked it properly. We also checked to make sure her pumpkin pie was up to snuff! (We only had a little bit, but then Dad let us lick the ice cream scooper, so it was all good!)

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

ThePainterPack said...

Sounds like woo all had a wonderful time! So glad! We are furry thankful dat we has woo as furiends!!!

Mya Boo Boo

White Dog Blog said...

Everything Thanksgiving should be-- Friends, celebration, good foods, memories in the making, and smiles as your bounty is appreciated! You are so blessed, dear friends, don't ever forget that. Know too, that in the tiny little cormer of America's Southwest, an Army of White Dogs loves you and is SO grateful for your friendship!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful Thanks Giving memories with all of us.
I am so happy that all the foods were perfect, and that you only ate safe foods so your tummmy did not get sick.
I think of you all the time.

How Sam Sees It said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Patience-please said...

Oh everything looked delicious!!! And even dog company! Perfect <3

Bocci said...

So glad to see you all had such a wonderful Thanksgiving! Your food looks scrumptious as always. (And glad you got to share some Asta-I had turkey sweet potato, mashed potato and even a few small pieces of pumpkin pie)

Loved the music for your smile box!

P.S. We're keeping fingers and paws crossed for you show, Ami! I hope we can have a glimpse or two!

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Hi Miss Asta, we're glad you got to enjoy your Thanksgiving even in Boo da Pest. We don't celebrate of course but it was our brother Paul's birthday and the anniversary of our angel Nana passing away so it was a very special day for us too! Your leftovers looked totally yummy as did all of your food. Thanks for sharing with us. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Mrs Mac said...

i LOVE YOUR SMILEBOXES! oops caps lock sorry.

Your Thanksgiving meals are like what we have for Christmas here.

We wanted to get a couple of days to Europe to visit a Christmas market, maybe Bruges or even BUDAPEST! But it wasn't to be, as my mum doesn't have a passport and we wouldn't get one in time :(

We have booked for Xmas away in the New Forest here instead. But I Was looking forward to going abroad :( and I wanted to come and give you smoochies. Never mind. It will have to be next year, ok?!!!

Meanwhile, please give your Ma a happy birthday hug from me as i think it is her birthday on 27th- yes? Or maybe i am wrong. If so I am sorry for making her a year older prematurely!!

Helena & co

The Daily Pip said...

Dear Miss Asta,

I am so glad you were able to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in Budapest - sweet potatoes, cranberry, turkey - what a yummy life!

xoxo, Pip

Wyatt said...

That looked like the perfect Thanksgiving to us. Good friends, good food, GIVE THANKS!!
Happy Birthday to your mom :D

Wyatt and Stanzie

Mollie said...

What a fantaztic fankzgiving youz had. Turkey'z cooked to purfection'z. Wez gotta wait till Chriztmaz for our'z. Wez sorry'z wez late coming'z over but youz never popped up in our mail'z. xx00xx

Mollie and Alfie

Misaki @ misadventuresofMisaki said...

Sounds like you had a great day!!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Cafe Alibi? Lacie begins to giggle...well, they DID have a fun night there....

Hey Asta...that lady picture on the wall of the Cafe sorta looks like your mom!!!!

As for your feast...OMD...it looked fabulous!!!

As for the boning of the turkey, I am NEVER getting on your Dad's bad side.

Oh, can you please talk to Bessie. I have tried to tell her she is a DAIRY COW, not a BEEF COW...but she's convinced she's going to be boned and shoved in your oven for Christmas Roast Beast. Do NOT touch the best Schlag producer in Europe. Sheesch.

Hope you mom had a spectacular barkday...I am totally covered in cake, frosting, ice cream and Schlag...none on my hips, however.

XXOO Teacakes Miss

Oskar said...

Asta you look so great in the pictures. I'm so glad you all got to have a traditional Thanksgiving.

Love to you all,
Oksar & Pam

Sweet William The Scot said...

WOW you kept the tradition when you moved. Is that a pumpkin cheesecake I see for desert. Your Thanksgiving looks yum yum.
Sweet William The Scot

Anonymous said...

hello asta its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy belayted thanksgiving!!! i am happy yoo wer aybel to hav wun despite living far off in the mithical land of booda pest!!! ok bye

Kwee Cats and Art said...

Hi Asta! You looking as beautiful as always :-) We just out visiting and had to stop by. The holidays are lots of fun! They even better with friends. You look like you are enjoying yours just fine. We send you hugs and kitty kisses!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm kinda late getting here but it sure does look like you had a Most Wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving, Asta! I'm super excited your mommi was able to find all the stuff to make a yummy and proper Thanksgiving dinner. Yippee!

Wiggles & Wags,